Kate in the Middle: Freedom and Worry with a Little Gray

Writer / Kate Rhoten

February was another milestone in our home. One of our sons is now a driver and with that comes new opportunities. Not surprising, I worried a little, OK a lot.

It just seems like a handful of years ago that he was heading off to kindergarten. Now he is driving on his own. Driving is a rite of passage, a feather in your cap. Now my son can drive without an adult in the vehicle.

I recall watching him head out with the driving test administrator at the BMV. Nervousness came over me. I was worried that he would get nervous and make a mistake while out on the drive. As a parent, you do all you can to prep your child from practicing out on the road to reminders before going out with the BMV examiner.

Time moved slowly while he was out. What was only about 15 minutes seemed more like 30. Sooner than I expected, my oldest reappears in the BMV. The corner of his mouth turned, and across his face, a smile spread. He passed. He was getting his driver’s license.

After he received his license, when he would leave the house to head out somewhere, I would watch him leave. Not just because I worry as a parent, but the fact that my son is driving reminds me that in a few short years, he will be heading out on his own.

Nevertheless, with this little bit of worry comes freedom. It’s not just freedom for him, but also for us. We don’t have to take him back and forth to his practices or church commitments. No longer do I have to be the only chauffeur.

Our teen can help run errands to pick up a few things from the grocery. Even better, he can assist with his brother’s transportation needs. This change in our household opens up a new set of opportunities as we head into the summer break.

The hope is that he will have a job at a nearby business or will create his own opportunity to make money through mowing lawns. That remains to be seen. His brother will be able to participate in other activities this summer rather than be stuck at home.

It is an interesting time having a teen driver. There are more drivers as well as more distractions than when I received my license. But it has become easier over the last couple of months as my son gets more experience under his belt.

It’s not to say that I don’t worry, but I do enjoy the new freedom for both of us. I am sure my son enjoys the freedom to drive to school and other activities. However, as a mother, I will always worry even just a little bit. I have the gray hairs to prove it.

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