Gaining Confidence by Losing Inches

Seland Chiropractic Family Wellness Center’s Laurie Seland holds her photo from a few years and 70 pounds ago. Seland used their SkinnyUp! program and now gives free workshops on Wednesday evenings to share her story and help others fighting weight loss.

As swimsuits gain prime retail space once again, thoughts turn to warmer weather. If you’ve kept your New Year’s resolution to work out but aren’t seeing the results you’d like, consider looking into the latest non-invasive targeted weight-reduction methods.

The latest procedures make losing the love handles without pain possible. The SimplySkin Med Spa offers CoolSculpting, a revolutionary non-surgical body contouring treatment that delivers results. A certified CoolSculpting esthetician uses cooling plates to freeze and crystallize fat cells. Your body permanently eliminates the fat cells. “Clients can achieve a pants-size loss and are excited to get their closets back,” said Amanda Voss, office manager at SimplySkin Med Spa.

By freezing the fat cells below the skin, CoolSculpting allows you to tackle those love handles once and for all.

Unlike surgical methods, CoolSculpting achieves results without pain or downtime. During the procedure, clients feel an initial cold sensation that soon dissipates. The ideal candidate for this procedure maintains a healthy weight but struggles with stubborn bulges that can’t be eliminated through diet and exercise. Most clients can expect to see results within a couple weeks. “Clients get a wow month about 2 months after the initial procedure,” Voss said. An on-staff doctor determines if a patient is a candidate for CoolSculpting.

In addition to CoolSculpting, the state-of-the-art Medical Spa provides Liposonix, another targeted fat-reduction treatment. This treatment option uses high-intensity ultrasound to heat and permanently destroy targeted fat cells. Skin and tissue are unharmed. Liposonix can be used on the love handles and waistline as well as on small or curved areas. “Liposonix is really energy sculpting,” said Dr. Marcus Jiminez. “We use it to target smaller areas, often working its use into an overall aesthetic treatment plan with other options.”

Liposonix treatments cause minimal discomfort, and patients experience little to no downtime after the treatment. “We see excellent results with this procedure, and it usually takes only one time,” he said. Patients can expect to see a result 8 to 10 weeks after the Liposonix treatment, and the average reduction is around an inch (or pant size) from the waistline.

7e Fit Spa has the Torc device which uses bio-electricity to work out muscles in :30 minute sessions.

Losing inches while gaining definition and strength has never been so easy. At 7e Fit Spa, the 7e Torc Treatment Abs sessions use a device that mimics the body’s natural bio-electricity to work out abdominal muscles more effectively than a traditional workout. “The device contracts the muscles on a cellular level — that’s why it’s so effective,” said CEO of 7e Fit Spa, Steve Nielsen. Clients can see results after the first 30-minute session, but 6 sessions are recommended to achieve lasting results. Most clients don’t feel discomfort, and some say the procedure tickles. “You don’t experience soreness because the lactic acid doesn’t build up,” Nielsen said.

For those trying to lose weight before warmer weather arrives, Seland Chiropractic Family Wellness Center offers the SkinnyUp program to help you see a daily weight loss of up to 2 pounds. The 23-day option is for those wanting to lose 10-15 pounds, while the 40-day option helps those who need to lose 25-35 pounds. Patients receive FDA-approved homeopathic drops and follow Dr. Simeons’ diet to achieve amazing results. “The SkinnyUp program works to reset your metabolism and serves to detox your body to help get your body functioning better,” said Seland.

The frustrating ups-and-downs of weight loss and weight gain associated with emotional eating are familiar to Seland. She has lost 70 pounds on the program. “This program works. It’s amazing,” Seland said. She wants to empower people to take control of the number on the scale. Weekly support meetings provide strategies to help keep people on track.

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