Cities Reach Agreement with Citizens Energy to Enforce Ban

duck hunting

Rogue duck hunters on Geist Reservoir have been an issue for years, but Tuesday night Fishers and Indianapolis officially entered an agreement with Citizens Energy to tell those hunters to fly south for the hunting season — away from Geist. 

The Fishers Board of Public Works and Safety passed the resolution, which will authorize police to remove hunters from Geist property and enforce the ban. 

“Fishers passed the resolution and have officially accepted a no-trespassing agreement with Citizens Energy Group,” says Indiana State Senator Kyle Walker. “Both the City of Indianapolis and the City of Fishers have agreed to police and enforce the ban. Citizens Energy owns the reservoir and has made the decision that hunters will be considered trespassing. This is their backyard and it is private property.”

The problem has been one that has turned into a safety issue over the years as well. Neighborhood associations in Geist often report seeing and hearing hunting on the reservoir with some even reporting their homes getting hit by birdshot over the years. 

“This has been a long-standing issue,” Walker adds. “I’m not anti-hunting, I like to hunt. But the proximity to homes is a problem. I’ve heard some stories, after looking into this issue, like windows being hit by buckshot. It’s not just duck hunting, though. There have been instances of deer hunters and their arrows flying by little children in pretty close proximity. It really is a public safety issue. I am glad that everyone came together to find a resolution.”

Fishers and Indianapolis along with Citizens Energy will be sending out packets of information to Geist homeowners with instructions on how to report hunters that are violating the ban moving forward. For hunters, the violations can include a trespassing charge as well as being removed from and prohibited from returning to the property.

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  1. John W says:

    Maybe we can duck hunt and deer hunt at AgriPark instead?

    • Scott D says:

      Your story does not give any information on where the lake ends and where the creeks that feed it begin. Citizens does not the creeks so where is the dividing line? If your going to put this out you need to let hunters know where the line is so they don’t trespass. Also what is the DNR take on this as they manage the waters.

  2. Diana W says:

    Duck hunters and deer hunters are two completely different hunters that shouldn’t be intertwined in this article. Shame on the Fishers, and the writer, if they don’t understand this. Buckshot and birdshot are ENTIRELY different. For those that don’t know (probably 99% of those rejoicing at this decision) BIRDshot are tiny little BBs in a shell- NOT a slug. AND it’s only lethal to a BIRD at a 35-45 yard range.

    What I don’t understand about this “agreement” is that duck hunters are hunting from the water, how are they considered trespassing and fishermen are not? By this definition, recreational boaters should also be considered trespassing. This is a slippery slope.

    Leave it to Fishers to over-develop and over-govern their city and it’s natural resources.

  3. Christopher T Ferrell says:

    Are our tax dollars paying for private property owners to have their land managed by local police and DNR, please provide documents where Citizen Energy is paying land managment fees for this service? It’s navigitable water which involves state and federal law. Something Fishy going on here. Cities often make deals that legally are not enforceable but someone needs to challenge them. Injunction, waterfowlers put your money together.

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