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When Donna Marino was just a little girl, she loved to draw. Not pictures of flowers or animals; instead, she would spend hours drawing floor plans … yes, floor plans. As she grew older, she enjoyed going to visit model homes, drinking in the colors of the walls, the furniture, drapes, and arrangements of furniture for each room. It was indeed a passion, but one that was not acted on early in her life. Instead, Donna dedicated her time to a career in corporate sales and marketing working for top companies such as Roche Diagnostics, Eastman Kodak Company, Rubbermaid, and the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

Still, there was always this little nagging in the back of her mind that one day she would enter the world of decorating, creating beautiful environments for life and work. So what finally gave her the opening to be her own boss and enter the world of entrepreneurs with her own business?

“It was sort of like a bell going off in my head. I had a life-changing illness hit when I learned I had stage one thyroid cancer. A few days after that, I turned 50; and then a short while later, a dear friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile walked into my new home and said, ‘Oh, I love your house! Who decorated it?’ When I replied, ‘Well, I did!’ he said, ‘You should do this for a living!’”

“A feeling hit me that felt so right. I spent the next few weeks thinking about life, each day gaining the confidence that would lift me to stepping out and doing what I had always wanted to do deep inside – be an interior decorator and run my own business! Life can sometimes get in the way of our real passions, but it’s never too late to make a change, especially when it’s something you’ve always wanted to do,” she said with conviction.

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Becoming a Decorating Den Interiors franchise owner was a solid fit for this business professional who had always worked for corporations with big brand recognition. In the world of decorating, Decorating Den has a solid 40-year history and enjoys being recognized as an industry leader who executes all phases from initial consultation to product selection and final installation.

Working with Donna, whether the goal is a re-purposed room or a whole new home or office environment, her clients can expect professional help and affordable options that range from window coverings, custom bedding, floor and wall coverings, upholstery and fine furniture, to lighting and accessories. Donna’s years spent in varying-size office spaces, also gives her a solid understanding of improving interior elements that deal with space and creating a productive design for her commercial clients.

From the comfort of your own home or office, Donna provides expert guidance on colors, materials, textures, finishes, and furniture – all within your personal budget. There are no surprises as she gives you a blueprint for transforming your environment that fits a natural progression of blending design that enhances a customer’s life.

“This is really my dream job. Everyday is different and exciting. I love working with my clients and getting up every morning with a feeling of creative expectation. As a single mom, the most difficult part in my changing careers was to allow myself to find the courage, belief, and faith that allowed me to support my daughter Lauren (14) and son H.L. (11) financially, as well as to ensure that I create harmony in my own life that gave the freedom and personal satisfaction of doing something I believe I was born to do,” Donna says with a thoughtful smile.

And, after spending time with this professional and seeing her work, we whole-heartedly agree – Donna Marino has come full circle and is finally doing what she was born to do!

For more information or to make an appointment with Donna Marino, please call 317.418.5678 or email her at: dmarino@decoratingden.com.
Be sure to check out her website at: donnamarino.decoratingden.com

Before photo

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February 9, 2018 at 11:38 pm

A person with was born to be a designer. I wish you success in your decoration works

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