Sunny Lawn Farms, located just outside of downtown Franklin, is a hidden gem established in 2000 by visionary couple Rob and Doris Morris. Doris, with a background in floristry, had a dream to be the source of the beautiful cut flowers she meticulously worked with. Little did she know that her dream would lead her to transform her grandfather’s dairy farm, once owned by Ennis Reynolds, into a thriving greenhouse, bursting with colors and fragrances.

Ennis Reynolds

Doris’s transition from florist to greenhouse owner showcases her unwavering determination and deep love for plants and flowers. While working in floristry, she began to question the origins of the cut flowers she used daily, sparking the idea that she could grow them herself.

“I could be the one to do that,” she recalls.

Despite facing numerous challenges such as ordering supplies, dealing with unpredictable weather, the increasing need for more space and other unexpected obstacles, Doris persevered, with the support of her husband and dedicated staff. Reflecting on her journey, she says she would encourage her younger self to believe in her ability to succeed.

In a world dominated by big-box stores, local greenhouses like Sunny Lawn Farms face numerous challenges. However, what sets them apart is their commitment to providing constant care for their plants and flowers. The Morrises and their dedicated team are not just sellers; they are enthusiasts who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They go above and beyond to assist their costumers, offering valuable advice and answering any questions that come their way.

The personal touch and expertise that Sunny Lawn Farms provides makes it a haven for plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts. Customers can trust that they are not just purchasing a plant, but also getting expertise and care. Doris’s dedication to her craft is evident in the vibrant array of flowers and plants that adorn her greenhouse, each nurtured with love and attention to detail.


Sunny Lawn Farms continues to thrive, thanks to support from dedicated customers such as local gardeners and flower lovers, Franklin Parks and Recreation, Franklin College, Compass Park, Bemis Group, and numerous locally organized fundraisers. Their commitment to quality, expertise and personalized service sets them apart in a competitive market.

One thing is obvious when visiting Sunny Lawn Farms – this isn’t just a business. It is an incredibly personal work of love for the owners and their family. As they continue to bloom and grow, Sunny Lawn Farms remains a beacon of inspiration for all who visit.

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  1. So exactly where is it?

  2. Terry Armes says:

    My daughter and I visited there for the first time, in April! We absolutely loved it! They have beautiful flowers and very different kinds! We will definitely go back again!
    They were so nice to deal with, and very informative ! You don’t know what you’re missing until you go there!

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