Poor Stu Easley was quoted in today’s Fishers Star claiming that it’s unfair that the Bill before the Senate would stop all forced annexation from 1 Jan 2008 on and the Town of Fishers has started it annexation so it should be allowed to continue.

OK Stu, lets talk about being fair. You claim it is unfair for Senate Bill 0144 to be retroactive to 1 Jan 2008, well lets see that’s 18 days back. You have been given notice not to annex. Lets go one step further, you have not yet passed your ordinance to annex so its not yet even retroactive, in fact you could stop and wait and see if this becomes law.

Now lets have a top 10 list about being fair:

1. It’s unfair to annex people against their will.

2. It’s unfair to prevent people from forming their own town, their own government.

3. It’s unfair to tax without representation.

4. It’s unfair to blackmail developers with sewer wavers to get a building permit.

5. It’s unfair to threaten people with shutting off sewers unless they come into Fishers

6.It’s extremely unfair to threaten children that they will not be allowed to play in the SPORTS program or continue to attend their school.

7. It’s unfair that citizens have to raise money to fight you in court to stop a hostile forced annexation.

8. It’s unfair to treat people as a golden money pot and pull $4.5 million out of their area for your other wasteful projects.

9. It’s unfair to make misleading statements about all those “Millionaires who live at Geist” many of whom are not even close to being millionaires.

10. It’s unfair to lie about all those Geist people getting Fishers services for free.

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  1. Barbie B from Fisher says:

    I am so sick of hearing all of you Geist residents WHINING! You have been getting a free ride for far too long. You all need to pay your fair share for the services that you have been receiving for free! BOO HOO HOO, cry me a river.

  2. Bagel says:

    You show a complete lack of understanding and have fallen into the lies and misleading information that Mr. Easley and his follow Councilmen have been saying to the people of Fishers. It’s a pure and intentional effort to make you think the people of Geist are not paying their “fair Share.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Start digging the real information and when you are finished you might be surprised and in the next election get rid of people who represent you and out and out mislead. Do you want to live in a town with this kind of leadership.

    This is a PR practice used by municipal governments and in each case have been proven to be false. They have even made statement such as this in front of a Senate hearing for example:

    Mr. Stuart Easly in the hearing on Senate 0114 made the statement, that the majority of the police runs into Geist were by the Fishers Police Department. A review of the police data base 90 days prior to this hearing reveled that 90% of the runs were conducted by the County Sheriff and most of the Fishers runs were traffic stops on streets shared by both communities.

    “They use our schools”
    School’s are taxed as a separate district. Everyone pays for schools.

    “They use our Fire Department”
    These are contracted by the townships and fully paid for.

    “They use our Police”
    I am sure the County Sheriffs will counter this. A 90 day run study found in the Geist/Fishers case 90% of the runs were accomplished by the County. Many of the Fishers runs were traffic stops on roads common to both areas.

    “They use our roads”
    Yes, they do use your roads to provide income to stores and business within your city. At the same time the citizens of those towns and cities use roads of other cities and the county. There is a basic shared concept, which they would like everyone to forget.

    “They use our parks”
    In some cases yes and in others no. The parks are mainly used by young families with children playing in organized sports. They usually pay a fee to the sports program. The municipality can charge for out of town users if this is such a concern.

    “They use our sewers”
    Yes, but they pay for them and in some areas they pay extra fee as an out of area user.

    Nothing is for free.

    It’s unfortunate that municipalities have a bully pulpit from which to spread disinformation that is not granted to the average property owner fighting against them. From public television to newspaper interviews to the press releases.

    Barbie B – Too bad you have fallen for the lies by the people you elected.

  3. Just an Observation says:

    Barbie B, It has already been established that Geist residents pay for each and every service that they recieve. Whether it is paid to the county, for plowing our streets, or whether it is to Fishers for Fire protection service. We pay the county Trustee and the Trustee pays the contracts for these services. Actually the only service that Fishers provides Geist is Fire protection, which is a contract between Fishers and the County Trustee. Fishers sets that contract price, so we certainly don't get it FREE. If Fishers says that we aren't paying enough for Fire Protection, then whose fault is that, when they are the ones that set the price? Hummmm!

    If you do a little homework, you can discover this on your own. So many Fishers residents are jumping to conclusions, before they know the facts of the situation. Education is the key. Things are not as they seem, on the surface. Dig deeper, you'll be very surprised when you do a little research and get the facts. Don't believe me, don't believe Fisher, don't believe Geist. Reports, contracts, etc. are public record. Find out for yourself. It's a real eye-opener.

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