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Valentine's DayIt’s not every year that you have to get really creative for Valentine’s Day. Usually, a gift or flowers, followed by a nice meal with no kids (if you have them) and a glass of wine, is just fine and thoroughly enjoyed. This year, however, it’s a little more complicated – but just because things are a bit more complicated doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Valentine’s Day. Here are six pandemic-proof date night ideas for you and yours.

Tackle a Project

While this isn’t the most romantic thing to do, it does bring you together with your partner to tackle something you’ve been wanting to start (or finish). Maybe it’s something you needed for your home, or something to give to someone else. Either way, you’ll feel good working together and accomplishing something at the end of the night.

Cook Together

While there are a few cooking stores that are still having classes in person, lots are offering online options. If you feel good enough to head out and want to enjoy a private lesson at a shop, do it. If not, sign up for an online class and give it a go in your own kitchen. Otherwise, order an oven-ready meal kit that you can make together, with included step-by-step instructions as well as all required ingredients.

Binge a Series

A trusty go-to if you can’t figure out what to do. We suggest something completely new that’s getting rave reviews, or something with lots of nostalgia. You can easily get sucked into the old “Supermarket Sweep,” or something a bit newer like “The Office.” Perhaps check out “Cobra Kai,” which can be binged in one evening, and has both a new and old feeling to it.

Learn Something New

Valentine's DayYelp has been great during these crazy times for offering info on events with local restaurants and crafters. If you can’t find anything local, YouTube is always a good place to go to learn a new trade. Maybe try DJ spinning lessons or brewing your own beer. Pick something you both want to learn more about, and dive right in.

Go For a Walk or Run

Another simple yet perfect way to spend time together is a walk, or if you are feeling up to it, a run. Use the time to talk about how you hope the new year will go, or just catch up a bit.

Book a Private Lesson

Pastries would be a perfect go-to for this one, but you can probably find a class for just about anything. Macarons or chocolate sound delish, and would be fun to make and take. Art lessons are another great option too. If you aren’t feeling that great about going out because of COVID, private lessons provide a great way to get out with minimal contact.

Rent a Movie Theater

Yes, you can do this! AMC Theatres is doing this, and offering private theater rentals starting at $99. It’s pretty cool to have the entire theater to yourself. Pick something from their library of movies like “Love Actually,” and you’ll have a really lovely evening. They might even have drink specials for you too.

Check Into a Hotel

Lastly, you can always book a room at a local hotel. Maybe try that new boutique hotel you’ve had your eye on, and order room service. Hotels are still open but generally at a much lower capacity, so make sure to book early. Wherever you decide, pick somewhere you can enjoy and treat yourselves a bit.

While times are still a little off, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make time for each other. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up, and Valentine’s Day might just be the perfect time for that. Whether you end up ordering sushi and just watching a movie with the family, or you actually get to partake in a night away, remember – love is all you need.

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