Girls About Town: What’s On Your Bucket List?

Matt McNairy, Chalene Braun, Tim Bachus and Rachel Quade chat it up at Casler’s Kitchen & Bar discussing their bucket list items. Matt wants to run with the bulls and Tim wants to attend an Arsenal soccer game in London.

Well, it’s February, and by now, most of you have probably broken your New Year’s resolutions! We’ve put those 5 pounds back on that we had lost. We’ve thrown away the box of cigarette patches. We didn’t stick to our “no more alcohol” resolution — that one never really had a chance, did it? So since we’ve proved that we are unable to stick to our short-term goals, we thought, let’s think more long term. What are the things in life you’d like to do before you kick the bucket? What’s on your bucket list?

To help us answer that question, we headed out one very snowy and cold evening to one of our local watering holes, Casler’s Kitchen & Bar (11501 Pavilion Drive, Fishers). We found that people have no shortage of things they want to do or accomplish. Many of them had some pretty well-thought-out plans to make these items on their lists happen.

The first person we spoke with was Rachel Schaller. She is in her 30s, lives in Fishers and is in sales for a living. Schaller wants to run the San Diego marathon in June. She’s been a runner since college and has run one other marathon in her life. She’s been training with her friend, Jen Miller, and they run a couple times a week. Another item on Schaller’s bucket list is to live in South Carolina. She loves the weather there and has a three-year plan to make it happen. It was pretty obvious that Schaller is a goal-oriented girl! Her other aspiration is to enjoy a vacation in Hawaii. She also would like to be successful enough in her career to afford her husband the ability to retire at age 40. Lucky husband! With Schaller’s determined personality, there seems to us no doubt that she will achieve the items on her list!

Thomas and Amie Dent wish to return to their honeymoon spot in Hawaii.

The next people we spoke to were newlyweds Thomas and Amie Dent. They started dating while they both attended Indiana University, so it should come as no surprise that one of their bucket list items is to go see IU play in the NCAA national championship game. Go Hoosiers! At some point, they’d also like to return to where they honeymooned in Maui. They enjoyed the adventures of sailing and zip lining. They also loved the beautiful beaches. One other destination they’d like to visit is Greece. Amie Dent also said starting a family was definitely part of what she looks forward to in life.

We chatted up Tim Bachus and Matt McNairy at the bar. They were both in their 30s. Bachus asked if we wrote for a family magazine, because that would help determine his answers. HA! He told us he’d like to go to an Arsenal soccer game in London. He’s played soccer since he was a kid and thought that would always be fun. McNairy had an even more adventurous goal. He wants to go to the running of the bulls in Spain. When we seemed surprised, he explained you don’t have to be the fastest runner — you just have to be faster than the slowest runner! Both of these guys said that they’d also like to take a trip to Lambeau Field to see the Green Bay Packers play.

Kim Goodwin of Pendleton visited the Bahamas which gave her the itch to spend two weeks in Hawaii. Her friend, Christy Patterson, took four years of French in high school and has never been to France.

We did find some common themes as we listened to people talk about their dreams. Travel was a really popular goal. For instance, Jake Brower wants to visit all seven continents. This world traveler has already been to four, so he’s well on his way. Lori Mitchell said she wants to visit Israel and see where the Lord walked. Mitchell’s husband, Kirby, would like to go to Yellowstone and see Old Faithful. Kristy Patterson wants to go to the City of Lights to put her four years of high school French to use. Ooh la la! Denny Ward wants to ride his Harley to Roswell, N.M., and UFO watch with his wife, next to a campfire.

Adventures were another hot topic. Missy Card and Amber Ward both said they want to drive an Indy race car, or any race car. Lori Moore would like to try skydiving for her great adventure. Getting a small aircraft pilot’s license is on Katie Dukes’ bucket list. Kavan and Kassie Braun want to scuba dive along the Great Barrier Reef. One thing is for certain — Geist is definitely not short on adventurous souls!

Katie Dukes want to learn how to fly a private plane while her friend, Tim Yohler, wants to join the “mile high club”.

So, all of these ideas got your Girls about Town thinking — what’s on our bucket list? Chalene wants to go see the Northern Lights. Rachel would like to go to the Rose Bowl parade and watch her beloved Ohio State Buckeyes play later that day in the bowl game. With myriad opportunities out there, it might be better termed a list for living. From around-the-world trips to all seven continents to adrenaline rushes like driving your own race car and piloting your own small aircraft, or simply seeing your favorite NCAA team in the national championship game, bucket lists range from simple things available in our area to worldwide travel.

It’s like giving pleasure a priority — what steps will you take to make the things you want to do happen? When you’re creating such powerful memories, you’re living! It’s a boost in life when you actually DO the bigger things in life. What’s on your bucket list? Get out there and LIVE!

P.S. Did you know studies show that learning new things wards off dementia? I mean we’re all demented enough as it is, so let’s go have some fun! CHEERS!

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