Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation Offers Community Survey for Five-Year Master Plan

Writer / Natalie Gargiulo
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In the heart of Carmel’s bustling community lies a cherished network of parks, serving as an oasis of tranquility and recreation for residents and visitors alike.Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation

As the Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation (CCPR) 2024 five-year master plan comes to fruition, the department invites the public to participate in an online survey to determine the community’s vision for the plan. The survey will remain open through August 23.

The five-year master plan is a document that the CCPR does every five years to help guide the development and management of the parks system.

“What makes the five-year plan so powerful is that it is grounded on feedback that we receive from the public and from key members of the community,” says CCPR Director Michael W. Klitzing. “We do as much as we can to really make sure we understand what the residents want and expect from the parks system.”

As stewards of CCPR’s green spaces, Klitzing says the primary goal is to ensure that the park system aligns with the desires and expectations of the community.

“To achieve this, we have undertaken a significant step forward by conducting a statistically valid community survey,” Klitzing says.

Through collaborating with a professional survey company, CCPR embarked with extensive effort to gather input from the community’s diverse population. This inclusive approach aims to represent the voices of both avid park-goers, who frequent these green havens day in and day out, as well as those who have not yet explored the parks but envision a system that meets their needs.

Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation“The parks are a shared asset, and it’s crucial for us to provide a park system that truly reflects what the community wants,” Klitzing says. “We take our role as stewards seriously and strive to utilize our resources effectively to meet the community’s expectations.”

The survey’s scope encompassed a broad range of topics including desired park amenities, suggestions for improvements and feedback on current offerings. With a 95% confidence level, the survey results provide an accurate representation of the community’s sentiments.

“Our partnership with the survey company was vital in making this effort successful,” Klitzing says. “Their expertise in survey administration and analysis allows us to gain valuable insights, ensuring we make informed decisions for the park system’s future.”

One of the survey’s most powerful aspects is its focus on public engagement. The community is encouraged to actively participate and voice their thoughts.

“We want every member of the community to have a chance to influence the park system’s direction,” Klitzing says. “By reaching out to various demographics and neighborhoods, we ensured a comprehensive understanding of our community’s needs.”

As the survey results are analyzed and interpreted, CCPR remains committed to transparency. The park administration eagerly awaits further feedback, believing that ongoing dialogue with the community is fundamental to creating a thriving park system.

“Our journey towards an exemplary park system is a continuous one,” Klitzing says. “The community’s input will continue to guide our decisions, fostering a park system that we can all take pride in.”Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation

The statistically valid community survey has set a strong foundation for the future of CCPR’s park system. By listening to the community’s voices and incorporating their aspirations, the survey helps in create parks that remain vibrant, inclusive and cherished for generations to come.

“We’re very fortunate to be in a community that loves its parks, and appreciates and understands the impact the parks have on quality of life,” Klitzing says.

Visit the survey link at

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