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From 1999 until 2006, Suzanne Deason owned and operated At Home in the Village, a furniture store located on Zionsville’s Main Street in a historic church space. In 2006 she and her husband Dion, who is also her business partner, moved to Dion’s home state of South Carolina where they renovated the former mayor’s mansion.

“It was the whole ‘Designing Women,’ Suzanne Sugarbaker life,” says Deason with a chuckle.

Though they enjoyed the charm of living in the south, the couple always knew they wanted to come back to Zionsville as they appreciated the deep sense of community, and the way residents support local businesses.

“We missed Zionsville a lot and still had friends and clients here,” Deason says.

Last year the pair returned to their roots and reopened their furniture store during Thanksgiving weekend in a different location. Since they are now located on East Cedar Street they changed their name slightly, to Village Home Zionsville. Though the name is different, the concept is the same. Customers can buy off the floor in the shop, or custom order items.

“Most of our vendors are designer oriented so you have options of fabric, finish, sizing – things you might not get in a big-box store that has just the name-brand stuff,” Deason says.

Deason does full-service interior design as well including kitchen and bath, and the business offers carpets, rugs and flooring. Because they buy direct from a manufacturer, they can save customers money while putting a comprehensive look together.

“From A to Z we can do it all, though a lot of people don’t know that when they first walk into the store,” Deason says. “They think we’re just a little furniture shop, but they soon realize the scope of what all we can do.”

That scope includes new construction, renovations, and both commercial and residential projects. When working to create an interior design concept, Deason asks her clients to share color and style preferences, as well as likes and dislikes.

“Sometimes people know what they don’t like more than they know what they do,” she says. “That helps too. I just like to get that communication going. Sometimes people will say, ‘I don’t care what you do as long as it fits my lifestyle.’”

Though the showroom is not huge, the business carries more than 150 lines of furniture, accessories and lighting. Deason can access inventory information at any hour of the day to see what’s coming.

Many of Deason’s clients have their own professional location or office space, and once Deason has worked on a house, clients will sometimes invite her to help enhance their work environment. She has also worked on branding for clients. For example, one of Deason’s clients wanted to open a yogurt shop but had no clue where to start.

“They requested that we do something fun and funky so we branded their color, style and all of their machines,” Deason says.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Deason had to adjust like many other business owners. Though she was forced to close her doors, she made herself available to the community by putting a sign in her front window that said, “If you need to get in to look at something, call and make an appointment or reach out on Facebook.”

She continued to sell furniture, and many people were grateful because they were forced to start working and schooling at home, and as such needed chairs, desks, and tables big enough for kids to sit around.

“None of us saw it coming so we all had to think on our feet,” Deason says.

One endeavor that has helped Deason through this season of uncertainty is her involvement with the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce.

“I’ve experienced chambers in other areas, and the Zionsville Chamber is spot-on,” Deason says. “They are always asking what they can do for us businesses and how they can help.”

She references the weekly “Night on the Bricks” event that the Chamber quickly organized this summer to increase foot traffic to downtown establishments during the pandemic.

“You can’t make somebody shop or spend money, but you can expose them to what makes up Zionsville so that down the road when they need that lamp or that dress, they will think of downtown Zionsville stores,” says Deason, adding that the Chamber has also done a great job of drawing attention to women merchants in Zionsville. Deason is proud to be one of them.

“I love what I do,” Deason adds. “I’ve managed through the years and survived running a business through a pandemic, so obviously something is clicking and we’re doing something right.”

Village Home Zionsville is located at 27 East Cedar Street in Zionsville. For more information, call 317-973-5252 or visit

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