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Springhetti Dentistry: The Marriage of Art and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dolcies Journey to a Beautiful Smile

Writer / Gary Weitzel
Photography Provided by Roben Bellomo & Dr. Aaron Springhetti, DMD

Springhetti DentistryPublishers Note: This is the fifth article in a series about Springhetti Dentistry and Dr. Aaron Springhettis technique for a natural, healthy and beautiful smile. His process involves both the patients personal commitment and his unique artistic/clinical expertise. Dr. Springhettis treatment plan is designed to restore health to your mouth and, if desired, to fulfill your dream of a beautiful smile.

This article documents Mrs. Duyen (Dolcie) Dos journey to the beautiful smile she dreamed of.

Hope and Joy | Dolcie Dos Commitment to Life

Dolcie Do always dreamed of a beautiful smile. She knew that smile, she saw that smile in her mind. But she did not see that smile when she looked in the mirror. The hardest part was explaining that smile. Her biggest challenge was getting the many dentists she trusted to see her dream. She started her journey to a better smile in 2005. 

As a business owner in the highly-competitive beauty industry, you must look your very best, display confidence and be comfortable with your unique presentation. Of course, that is a high expectation and Dolcie knew that something just was not right when she smiled. She was not confident that her smile was that” smile she had in her mind. Dolcie admits that she is a tough customer with high expectations, but she had two of the critical characteristics of a determined woman — hope and vision. Dolcie knew what she dreamed of was possible. In the end, like many challenges in life, its just a matter of patience and communication.   

After many visits to various dentists and many attempts to create that smile she had in her mind, Dolcie contacted Dr. Lesa Allison, a personal friend with a dental practice in Greenwood. Dr. Allison heard of Dr. Springhetti and referred Dolcie to the Springhetti Dentistry Instagram page. Dolcie contacted Erika at the front desk for an appointment. Erika remembered that first call and her first introduction to Dolcie. Obviously, Dolcie came into the clinic enthusiastic and full of hope. She has since become a part of the family because of her hope for a better look and feel. And her passion for a good life. Looking back on her experience at Springhetti Dentistry, Dolcie affirms, I came to Dr. Springhetti for seven months, and it was worth every minute!”  

Heres why.

Our previous articles explained Dr. Springhettis approach to a healthy, natural and beautiful smile and overall dental health. Although every patient has a unique and personal issue, the steps needed to design the treatment plan and perfect that plan is routine for every patient.  

Communication – The Golden Rule of Relationships

Dolcie recalls feeling comfortable and hopeful when she first met the clinical staff. Dr. Springhetti took his time to listen carefully to Dolcies story and her vision of a smile. This extra time and consideration made her even more comfortable and confident that Springhetti Dentistry was the right choice for her. Feeling confident is an important motivator for most professionals. Dolcie recalls trusting Dr. Springhetti simply because he was able to show results with other patients and took the time to understand not only her problems but her vision. 

Dr. Springhetti completed his interview and examination and completed his initial assessment. Dolcie, Ill see you in two weeks,” he said. 

Some patients may think two weeks is too long between consultation and presentation. Not Dolcie. She appreciated and commented that taking this time was reassuring to her because she knew he was doing the research, spending time identifying problems, formulating solutions and identifying the right materials to make her healthy and happy if she made a choice to go forward with the treatment plan.  

Communication – Understanding and Support

The women at Springhetti Dental have a special place in Dolcies heart. Dolcie recalls that there was always someone there to re-assure her, support her when necessary and say a kind word or encouragement at the right time. It didnt take long for the bond between professionals and patients to embrace Dolcie. The ladies and Dr. Springhetti became part of her family. Close and comforting.    

Springhetti DentistryClinical Steps – Treatment Plan

Two weeks. Appointment time. Greeting from Erika at the front desk. A short wait. Then on to Dr. Springhettis office.   

From discussions with Dolcie, her history and his examination, Dr. Springhetti knew why Dolcie was not happy with her smile. He could see the areas of concern that were causing Dolcies discomfort and disappointment with her smile. Dolcie knew something was wrong but could not fully explain the problems that Dr. Springhetti could see or deduce. Dolcie did not have a naturally aesthetic smile. But why?

Although Dolcie had seen many dentists since 2005, they were unable to identify the problems she was trying to describe. Sometimes it seemed like she was asking for the impossible. Dolcie noticed a difference at Springhetti Dentistry. Dolcie was pleased that Dr. Springhetti paid attention to her story, her clinical history and she noted that small details were not lost. Dr. Springhetti noted them and considered them in future treatment. After discussion and examination, and as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Springhetti could see her areas of concern in scientific and cosmetic terms. But he also realized that although he could have resorted to detailed explanations and scientific terms, what was needed to solve this problem was creating trust and confidence with Dolcie. He needed to give Dolcie the confidence to trust his training and his passion for the art of cosmetic dentistry. 

While in the treatment chair, Dolcie realized that the team at Springhetti Dentistry was the right choice. The team met all her expectations and she relaxed and trusted Dr. Springhetti. The team made her comfortable and appreciated.

Dolcies major problem, other than the lack of natural aesthetics, was her bite. And to correct the bite, the first objective was the removal of the wisdom teeth and a comprehensive bite adjustment.

Although Dolcies problem was her bite, she also wanted a cosmetic solution, a Smile Makeover through cosmetic dentistry. In order to get to that step, Dr. Springhetti and Dolcie reviewed a treatment plan that included:

  • Gum treatment to correct gum level
  • Removal of wisdom teeth which were interfering with her natural bite
  • Comprehensive Bite Adjustment
  • Removal of her unaesthetic crowns and
  • Restoration with new Porcelain Crowns with the correct shape, contour, and color to meet Dolcies specifications. 

Springhetti Dentistry

Comprehensive care and cosmetic dentistry may require longer treatment times. Springhetti Dentistry takes a patient-centered approach to comprehensive care. By listening to and observing the patient throughout treatment, treatment can proceed at a pace aligned with the patients wishes. An experienced dentist is good at judging and discussing the pace of treatment with their patients. Of course, the kind words from the women in the office helped keep Dolcies spirits up. After all, she was committed to finally having the smile she wanted since she began treatment in 2005 with other providers. It was a long journey.

Smile makeovers have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Dr. Springhettis lab includes a service where a before and after graphic representation is possible using photoshop. This feature impressed Dolcie and helped her decide to stay on the path to a better smile.  

Whatever journey you choose to improve your oral health from better hygiene to a smile makeover, Dolcie reminds the patient to remember:  The journey is a process. Take the time you need to be comfortable and trust your team to help you achieve your desired results. Click Here to schedule an appointment.

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