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The Marriage of Art and Cosmetic Dentistry: Symmetry, Translucency and the Golden Ratio

Writer / Gary Weitzel
Photography Provided by Justin Sicking and Dr. Aaron Springhetti, DMD

Springhetti DentistryThis is the fourth in a series of articles about Springhetti Dentistry, on the topics of dental hygiene, nutrition and education. In previous issues, we explored how character, competition and attention to detail qualify a person to be among the best in any endeavor. From cosmetic dentistry, like the one offered by the dentist in Peoria, AZ, to endurance sports like the Ironman Triathlon, Dr. Aaron Springhetti shares a special set of talents, accomplishments and expectations with his patients at Springhetti Dentistry. The office is conveniently located along the Michigan Road corridor in West Carmel. A world-class athlete, Dr. Springhetti is inviting new patients to join Springhetti Dentistry.   

What can you expect from a skilled dentist who studied as an artist and competed as a world-class athlete?

“Every new patient receives a full series of photos, a scan of their mouth, and digital X-rays including a 3-D image,” Dr. Springhetti says. “We’re using our digital dentistry to get all the information necessary to accurately diagnose any concerns. This also allows our dental team to explain the care that may be necessary with the patient.” 

Springhetti Dentistry can then offer cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, porcelain tooth-colored crowns, cosmetic dental bonding, teeth whitening and gum recontouring.

This month’s topic is cosmetic dentistry. “I have an affinity for cosmetic dentistry,” Dr. Springhetti says. “It’s an art, and along with a minor in art in college, I have sought out considerable education in the aesthetics of what makes a smile beautiful. I’m not just making a subjective assessment on a smile. I’m taking into consideration all these different natural parameters. There are many things, big and small, that can be done to improve someone’s smile. We’re not just improving the way a smile looks. We’re giving patients back the confidence that comes when you have a healthy and beautiful smile.”

Dr. Springhetti knows patients have many options when choosing a dental practice for their oral health care and cosmetic dentistry. Both he and his patients know what makes his practice unique.

“We provide an exceptionally high level of care, and we truly care about our patients,” he says. “I believe we have a higher level of connection with our patients, and there is mutual respect between the team and our patients, which is paramount in any provider-patient relationship. We love smiling and laughing with our patients, and that makes happiness ubiquitous in the office.”  

We hope to provide that joy in your life!

Comfortable in Your Own Skin | Confident with Your Smile

This phrase is in common use these days. It stands to reason. A patient who is comfortable with their unique personality,  character and physical characteristics can live a healthier, happier life. A Doctor who is confident with their character, unique skills, and abilities can make a patient comfortable when discussing personal topics like improving your facial and dental appearance and oral surgery. The result is confidence in your smile. Here’s how Dr. Springhetti’s background culminated in his choice of medical degree as a DMD, Doctoris Medicinae Dentariae.  

Aaron grew up as the oldest of four children in Newburgh, Indiana, overlooking the Ohio River near Evansville. He earned his undergraduate degree in biology at Wabash College, minoring in art and concentrating on acrylic painting, ceramics, and sculpture. Combining this advanced training with his hobbies of fieldcraft, woodworking, gardening, art, and piano prepared him to understand and accomplish the necessary techniques of cosmetic dentistry; vision, dexterity, understanding form and physical nature, and molding/matching the right materials into aesthetically pleasing veneers and teeth.  Many have also been asking about getting dental treatments abroad and it can work very well indeed, I have visited a top-notch dentist in Tijuana several times and had amazing treatments for a ridiculously cheap cost, so it works very well indeed.

Springhetti DentistryAt the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, Aaron came to a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the mouth and the techniques employed to improve health, treat disease and restore/improve the look and strength of teeth. Dr. Springhetti recognizes that every patient has unique needs and requires individualized treatment. He also fully understands the principles of aesthetics and natural beauty learned through observing nature, and by creating art, sculpture, and ceramic molding for veneers and teeth.

The Next Level | Accreditation with American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

Dr. Springhetti’s journey is now in the next level of development. Aaron is studying to become an Accredited Member of the AACD.  At this time, there are  less than 480 Accredited members among the 7,000 members of the AACD, a worldwide professional association. In Indiana, there are only two AACD accredited cosmetic dentists; one of whom is his dear friend and mentor, Dr. George Kirtley. Dr. Kirtley’s guidance and encouragement have been integral to Dr. Springhetti’s development as a cosmetic dentist and the leader of Springhetti Dentistry.  Like endurance athletics, professional development is a marathon, not a sprint. Dr. Springhetti has excelled in life through perseverance and commitment.  

Marriage is always and ultimately a holy vow, an ultimate commitment. Aaron is engaged to his fiancee, Dr. Jenna Oberley who is now practicing with Gorman and Bunch Orthodontics in their Fishers and Kokomo offices. Aaron and Jenna will be wed in May 2022. Jenna grew up in Monroeville, Indiana in the Fort Wayne region and attended Bishop Luers High School in nearby Fort Wayne, the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Indiana School of Dentistry.  After two years in dental practice, she furthered her education at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine’s Orthodontics program prior to joining Gorman and Bunch in 2019. The couple plan to continue their good works in the community by supporting public health, education, sports, and mentorship. Both  Aaron and Jenna are competitors, Aaron in endurance sports and Jenna in track and field competitions in high school and college. The couple also enjoys skiing and travel.  

Esthetically Pleasing Art is Beautiful

Our eyes are our gateway to the world and to each other. For example, there is not one point of a piece of art that draws the eye. Rather, the eye should explore and be entranced by the body of work as a whole. The same sense of appreciation goes for a smile. There should be symmetry, proper lines, angles and curves in the shape of the teeth. The eye looks for proper proportions of tooth size relative to the other surrounding teeth and relative to the shape of the face and the physical appearance of the patient as a whole. Your eye should distinguish adequate shade characteristics, value, and show translucency that doesn’t appear too bright or too dark. You should see a natural color that is in harmony with the whites of the eyes and skin tone; natural light should reflect as the teeth transition from front to back and side to side. Cosmetic dentistry is an art. And a part of this art is mathematical; proportions.

The Golden Ratio: A Natural Rule of Design and Harmony in Nature 

Artists understand the ratio, known to them as the Golden Proportion Rule, with their being, their eyes and their heart. Mathematicians use geometry, algebra and trigonometry to see their Golden Ratio in a work of art. To most people, it is extremely difficult to explain. Perhaps we best understand this Golden Ratio when our brains are comfortable and at peace with an object’s natural consistency and proportion. Perhaps this is why most great works of art, sculpture, and architecture demonstrate the elements of symmetry, balance, and proportion. It is pleasing to our eye, to our soul, to our being. To an artist, this Golden Proportion Rule is recognized as a natural rule of human design and harmony in the natural world.  

The art of cosmetic dentistry employs these elements to create an aesthetically appealing smile, with both an artistic and a mathematical ratio of tooth size.  The ratio must be correct to show a smile appearing natural, not bulky or tilted. The mathematical rule, The Golden Ratio, is used to create a smile that is symmetrical, balanced, and in proportion to the adjacent teeth.  The artist envisions, builds, tints, and places the teeth in harmony with the rules of proportion and translucency. 

Ancient Materials | Modern Applications

One Hundred-year-old wood. Barn wood from his parent’s farm to be exact. Whether it is porcelain, ceramic or wood, Dr. Springhetti loves to create and recognize the beauty in his designs and choice of materials. For this section, we’ll learn how Aaron and Jenna placed the signature logo of Springhetti Dentistry onto a wooden sign made of that old barn wood. Once assembled, they used a wood-burning tool to engrave the logo and name. A great deal of time and care went into the project. And another project was in the works.

A hallmark of the Springhetti Dentistry office on Michigan Road is its authentically rustic waiting room and front office. Comfortable couches and handmade rustic wood tables from the same 100-year-old barn wood make waiting less stressful, more interesting. The front office features an accent wall assembled by Aaron and Jenna from over 500 pieces of wood cut from that 100-year-old wood. Each cut is unique, and angles and texture abound. Yet, the symmetry of those angles and curves combine into a beautifully interesting display.  

As you can see, Dr. Springhetti is a perfectionist who takes pride in his work and pride in knowing that his patients benefit from his best efforts to make their smile memorable and their self-confidence soar.  

Springhetti DentistryCommunity Involvement | A Hallmark of Springhetti Dentistry

The whole team at Springhetti Dentistry contributed to the November 19, 2021 “Smiles for the Community” free dental care day. Families from across the West Carmel and Zionsville community received over $8,000 in free dental work. The event was advertised in the local business community, local churches and nonprofit service organizations.   

During the rest of the year, Dr. Springhetti volunteers with a Westfield nonprofit medical and dental clinic named the “Heart and Soul Clinic.”  You’ll find him there on the first Saturday of each month from 8 am to noon.    

Local endurance sport enthusiasts also benefit from Aaron’s support. Following his 2020 Ironman World Championship event in Hawaii, he supports local athletic organizations including:

  • TS2 – The Indianapolis areas premier triathlon team; and
  • Awesome Racing Collective – a team of young cyclists who focus on community outreach and provide affordable equipment and racing mentorship for anyone interested in competitive cycling.

Springhetti Dentistry is the Premier Sponsor for “The Taste of Carmel” Auction. Dr. Springhetti’s auction item is a Smile Makeover Cosmetic Dentistry Package. Please use the QR code to purchase your tickets and participate in the online auction if you are unable to attend.

In 2022, the Carmel Educational Foundation’s fundraiser “The Taste of Carmel” returns. This event is on March 3rd, 2022 at the 502 East Event Center in Carmel.  

Please attend this important event and join the anticipated 1,000 guests with all proceeds providing scholarships, grants, resources, and programming to benefit over 16,500 Carmel Clay students.  Support the foundation’s efforts to provide our students with academic opportunities by attending the largest indoor food experience in Hamilton County.  

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