Recover Fast: New Spa Caters to Athletes

Writer  /  Pat Carlini

There’s a new spa in Carmel, but instead of soft music and facials in a private room, you will find hot and cold plunge baths, oxygen therapy and compression boots.

It’s the Recover Fast Spa, designed to help athletes and others recover quickly and effectively after a serious workout.

“Athletes especially are good at pushing their bodies to the limits,” says owner Matt Tanner who has been a competitive cyclist for 20 years and has learned a number of recovery techniques.

“But it’s just as important to recover well, so they feel better and have fewer injuries,” he said.

Tanner opened the spa earlier this year as a way to help athletes of all disciplines and fitness levels. Matt’s wife, Chris, offers diet and nutrition advice.

On the day I stopped by Recover Fast, I saw the hot soak/cold plunge room which helps reduces inflammation and increase blood flow. The sunlight sauna delivers rays of infrared light that penetrates human tissue to help detox, relieve pain, increase blood flow and even stimulate collagen and smooth skin tone for anti-aging benefits.

The Hyperbaric oxygen therapy puts spa-goers in a long white bag-like device which slowly inflates and fills muscles with oxygen.

“You can actually work harder and longer when your muscles are pumped with oxygen,” Tanner said.

I decided to try the NormaTec Compression Full-length Boots. I slipped into a chair, my boots were zipped up and they turned on what feels like a pulsing sensation running up and down your legs for about 20 minutes.

I thought it felt great, but apparently I only had the pulses turned up to seven, and most turn it up to 10!

Maybe next time!

The compression boots are designed to increase blood flow and relieve muscles. The Tanners say they are also learning of some unexpected bonuses with the compression boots as one customer has reported a definite reduction in cellulite on her legs.

So whether you have just finished a marathon or have beefed up your fitness routine to where you need a little recharging, you might want to check out the Recover Fast Spa.

You may not see soft, candlelit rooms with lemon-infused water by the door, but your muscles will know you did them a favor!

The salon is located at 624 Rangeline Road and you can call 317-324-8479 for more information and spa membership pricing.

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