New Joint in Town

QC Kinetix Offers Comprehensive Treatment for Joint Issues – Without Surgery

Writer / Alli Donovan
Photographer / Sarah Browning

QC KinetixA new business has come to Carmel.

Introducing QC Kinetix, offering treatment for joint pain – without the surgery.

Carmel is their third location in the Indianapolis area, and they officially opened in early February.

QC Kinetix is bringing exciting and modern treatments to their patients. The company offers regenerative medicine as an alternative to those who have been told surgery is their only option.

Your body has an innate ability to repair and heal any tissue.

But what exactly is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine addresses the underlying problem, not just the symptom. Providers will collect a patient’s blood or bone marrow and take it to the in-house lab. At the lab, QC Kinetix will separate the vital cells concentrating it in a way your body isn’t anymore and reintroducing it back into the affected area so it can finally heal. These are important cells that address the damage in our bodies – platelets, stem cells and proteins.

QC Kinetix repairs and restores patients’ injuries through all-natural therapies, and these procedures are customized to the patient. Dr. Frank Kearse, the medical director and a board-certified physician, is able to address many different joints, most commonly knee, shoulder and hip.

Kearse has spent more than 15 years in the emergency and family medicine fields. He routinely practices in a hospital setting, but has a dedicated passion to pursue the alternative-treatment therapy.

QC Kinetix“As an ER doctor in a hospital setting, it’s a lot of quick fixes and not much follow-up with patients,” Kearse says. “With this clinic, I get to see patients as soon as six weeks later who are feeling so much better, and that’s really cool to see.”

The company is owned by Drew White and Mike Sample, who handle the operations of the business.

With a background in medical sales and orthopedic products, White and Sample have seen the solutions and relief that these treatments have brought to patients. They explored the possibility of franchising a business to bring their passions to life. Timing played a vital role in this process, and eventually the two were able to pursue QC Kinetix and bring an amazing opportunity to Indy.

“When opening a franchise, we had a checklist we referenced,” White explains. “One box we had to check off was a business that would make a difference in people’s lives and make a difference in the community.”

So what does this process include?

When a patient decides to move forward with QC Kinetix, they will schedule a consultation with a patient-care advocate. This person reviews the expectations and overview of the process with the patient. The next step is for the patient to meet with a medical provider who completes a full evaluation, to confirm if the patient is a good candidate for the treatment. If so, the medical provider will recommend a treatment plan. The patient will meet with their patient-care advocate to confirm if this treatment plan is a good fit for the patient.

QC KinetixThe best part? Patients can start treatment the very same day as their consultation, and they are in and out in 45-minute appointments.

“Many clients of ours are trying to return to jobs, their hobbies or their lifestyles as soon as possible after treatment, and QC Kinetix can give them that option without the downtime of surgery,” Sample says.

Change the way you think about nonsurgical treatments. Consider your options regarding your next step to better health and quality of life.

For more information on QC Kinetix, visit or call 463-235-7160. The Carmel location is at 13450 North Meridian Street, Suite 244.

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