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Photographer: Bradley Kercheval

Looking for a total body workout that adheres to your schedule, offers guidance not guesswork and helps you continue your path to progress long after the workout is over? Then Orangetheory Fitness may be the perfect fitness solution for you.

“We have classes scheduled throughout the day along with nationally certified instructors who monitor your progress and make sure you are not over or under training,” says Carolyn McDonald, owner of Orangetheory gyms in Carmel, Fishers and Geist and West Carmel-Zionsville.

The forthcoming Fishers Nickel Plate location is set to open in January 2019.

Developed by a former Pilates instructor, Orangetheory is a science-based workout that gets results. It is centered on the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) principle that suggests if one challenges their body at the correct intensity, they will experience an effect that keeps combatting calories even after the workout is over.

“If you spend 12-24 minutes of your hour-long workout at 84 percent intensity, or in the ‘Orange Zone’ you will experience an afterburn,” says Katie Douglas, owner of the Orangetheory gyms in Greenwood and downtown Indianapolis. “You don’t have to work out every day because your body will be burning calories even as it recovers.”

With 1,000 gyms throughout the US (and seven here in Central Indiana) Orangetheory is designed for all fitness levels and they boast a diverse community of clients with a variety of fitness goals. Staff members and coaches take the time to get to know each member, build a rapport and assure them that they will get the maximum benefit of the Orangetheory workout.

McDonald says each member is given a heart rate monitor that tracks their progress throughout the class and gives them (and their coach) insight into their performance. Orangetheory takes the guesswork out of your fitness regimen and creates a reciprocal relationship between you, your coach and other Orangetheory members.

“The level of community that has been created here is one of my favorite things about the Orangetheory program,” McDonald says. “The coaches work hard to ensure that every member is comfortable and they are wonderful about dealing with injuries or any other modifications that may be needed.”

In addition to their national certification as personal trainers, Orangetheory coaches undergo an additional certification process that is specific to the Orangetheory process. Everyone on staff is trained to offer a welcoming, energetic environment and each location offers a robust schedule so that Orangetheory is ready whenever you are.

“Our members not only have the opportunity to come at a time that is convenient for them, but they can also stop into an Orangetheory gym when they are out of town and know that they will get the same high-intensity workout they would get if they were at home,” Douglas adds.

McDonald says Orangetheory is the future of fitness and she is proud to be part of it.

“We have grown so quickly over the past eight years here in Central Indiana and our members are constantly building on the community they have built here in the gym,” she says. “We have members who run in 5Ks, half-marathons and in other events, and we sponsor a number of teams to keep the momentum going. We are proud of what we do and we look forward to welcoming you soon.”

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