Nicole Blair Wear Helps Individuals Find Their Stylistic Stride

Nicole Busch has always loved a good transformation, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. When she lived in Ohio, she worked in the fitness industry, running a successful boot camp where she helped clients learn how to drop pounds and embrace a healthier lifestyle. But she couldn’t help noticing that one of the women who had lost a whopping 70 pounds still showed up each day in her husband’s oversized t-shirt.Nicole Blair Wear

“I couldn’t understand the psychology of it,” says Busch, who holds a certification in sports psychology.

Soon after, she put on a fashion show using the participants from her boot camp.

“We did hair and makeup, the whole nine yards, and I just felt so alive,” Busch says. “I knew at that point that I wanted to do something in fashion.”

Not only did she enjoy the makeover component, but she also loved being the person who sees greatness in others. After becoming a certified stylist, she launched Nicole Blair Wear and enjoyed styling clients like Olympic gold medalist Brandi Chastain. Though she describes that experience as a “pinch-me moment,” her true passion lies in styling the everyday woman who has essentially lost herself due to motherhood, career or some other life transition.

“I had a client – an executive who was going through a divorce – and she was wearing oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, and just not seeing her potential,” says Busch, noting that this is not an uncommon sight. “I think that we, as women, are so hard on ourselves. We focus on all the things we are not rather than embracing the things that we are.”

Busch asks her clients to identify their goals, whether they be financial, professional, or personal.

“I take that, along with what I see, and put together a process or program that will help you get there, and make sure you are dressed for the part,” says Busch, whose clientele includes a woman under 40 years old who has been featured in Forbes Magazine twice.

“The woman she was when I first started working with her is not the woman I see today,” Busch says. “Now she’s brave and bold, leaning in more and asking for more in every aspect of her life. That all started in her closet.”

According to Busch, what happens, particularly to women, is that individuals get stuck on what they are not or what they used to be, which keeps them from progressing to their next level. Stay-at-home moms, for instance, often claim that they have lost all sense of style. As a result, they have an identity crisis.

“I help my clients figure out who they are today and what their goals are for tomorrow,” Busch says. “I ask, ‘What do you want out of life?’”

She’s been called a style therapist but says she’s mostly a cheerleader for women.

“I want them to excel,” says Busch, who offers 20-minute phone consultations to see if a client is a good match. “I want to work with people who are invested in making the change and seeing the value in what I do.”

Busch maintains that every woman should know three things about themselves – body type, style personality and personal coloring.

“When it comes to body type, it’s important to know what does and doesn’t work for you because without that knowledge, you will forever buy stuff that you don’t feel good in and not understand why,” Busch says. “Your personality style is what drives you into a store. You may see something that catches your eye, but the prints or patterns don’t fit your body type. Women experience this all the time. They’re drawn to a style, then experience dressing room drama and spiral out of control when the clothes don’t fit properly.”

Color is the third important ingredient.

“You should wear a color that complements your natural tendencies,” Busch says. “For instance, if you’re a wallflower, I don’t suggest wearing red.”

Busch says women often downplay the importance of their morning routine, thinking of it in terms of simply brushing their teeth, washing their face and throwing on some clothes – what Busch calls autopilot dressing. She insists, however, that assembling an outfit is one’s personal work of art.

“You’re sharing your story of who you are even before you open your mouth,” Busch says.

She acknowledges that fashion is forever changing, and asserts that this is a positive reality given that we as human beings are ever-evolving as well.

“You’re not the same person you were two months ago or even two weeks ago,” Busch says. “We should grow daily.”

Busch notes that while women can be naturally geared toward nurturing other people, they sometimes neglect taking care of themselves.

“Part of what I do is allow women to take time to invest in themselves,” says Busch, who works with some clients monthly and others seasonally depending on their needs. She offers packages that are customized to the client.

As for Busch’s personal goals, she hopes to make a name for herself in Indianapolis. To that end, she recently launched a new lifestyle company called House of Blair that features candles and body care products.

“I wanted a signature scent that resonated with both my clients and me,” Busch says. “I’m also a firm believer in surrounding yourself with beautiful things.”

In the long term, Busch wants her name to be synonymous with inspiring people, feeling great, and proudly showing up as the best version of oneself.

“I think when you look good, and you feel good, you take bigger risks and give yourself the permission to do the things you always wanted to do but talked yourself out of,” Busch says. “When you look and feel good, you show up as your authentic self and display who you were always meant to be.”

For more information on Nicole Blair Wear, visit The store is located at 41 City Center Drive (inside Pure Concepts Salon).

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