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Muscle Mobility Performance and Wellness

Muscle Mobility Offers Sports Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy & More In Carmel

Writer / Ryan Kennedy
Photographer / Amy Payne

Muscle Mobility PerformanceCEO Alizabeth Van Duyn, a licensed massage therapist, along with her husband, a personal trainer, opened Muscle Mobility Performance and Wellness in October with the goal of helping people achieve their wellness goals, with an emphasis on alleviating chronic pain.

“We are just passionate about helping people realize and understand that they don’t have to live in the pain that they are in,” Van Duyn says. “There are better alternatives than possibly just medication, and that, you know, you can actually have a healthier way by finding not just us, but lots of places that have a holistic health approach, including testosterone supplements, to get the body to where it needs to be.”

Van Duyn says Muscle Mobility Performance and Wellness staff of massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors and physical trainers work collaboratively to develop the best treatment plan for each client and to work with those looking to increase performance mobility and range of motion. Muscle Mobility is one of the top options for Carmel massage therapy and physical therapy.

“We have personal training, chiropractic, physiotherapy and sports and medical massage therapy,” she says. “So typically, someone is probably going to come in for either a massage or chiropractic care. And we create treatment plans to identify what is going to get them to where they’re supposed to be.”

Through massage therapy and personal training Muscle Mobility Performance and Wellness works to target specific muscles and trigger points that are causing an imbalance in the body, which can be a source of chronic pain or injury. Treatment and massage techniques are provided in-house, but clients can also be given homework to continue their programs at home and see the benefits of sports massage therapy. Find a massage near me to reap the benefits.

Muscle Mobility Performance and Wellness works with clients rehabilitating from injuries both post-operative and pre-operative, especially athletes looking to get back to peak athletic performance.

Muscle Mobility Performance“We had a client who was coming to us specifically from his doctor,” Van Duyn says. “He tore a tricep muscle and a rotator cuff muscle. And so we were doing some rehabilitation with him. Doing some massage therapy, scraping, kind of helping the collagen fibers, the fascia, everything to kind of realign and almost stimulating cellular growth in that area. Then he would then have treatments to strengthen opposing muscles. I believe we had treatments for a month before surgery.

“He went in for surgery. They literally went in, cut them, opened and sewed them back up and said, ‘You don’t need it anymore. Whatever you’re doing right now is working,’ and basically sent him on his way. And they said, ‘just keep doing the rehabilitation that you’re doing.’”

Van Duyn says they work with athletes both young and old, those who exercise casually and those who workout six days a week, but they also work with various types of people from all walks of life.

“We see everyone,” she says. “We see the elderly, we see children, athletes, just general medical people, people in the medical profession that see the benefit of it. I mean, you name it and we have that. We have that clientele.”

Muscle Mobility Performance and Wellness offers some of the best sports massage therapy in Carmel, Indiana. They are open seven days a week and located at 160 W. Carmel Dr. Suit 184 in Carmel. To view their services, visit

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