A Vision for Carmel’s Future

Writer / Natalie Gargiulo
Photography Provided

Raised with a strong ethos of community service and entrepreneurship, Carmel mayoral candidate Miles Nelson’s upbringing has greatly influenced his vision for the city as well as his decision to run for mayor.

Miles Nelson“I grew up in a family where giving back to the community was very important as well as speaking up for people whose voices often go unheard,” Nelson says. “Championing different communities, advocating for them and standing up for one’s principles were fundamental values instilled in my family.”

Reflecting on his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Nelson shares the inspiring story of his father, who started working in a funeral home as a young boy and eventually purchased it at the age of 26. His mother, a small-business owner herself, instilled in him the values of hard work, community service and financial management, shaping his commitment to public service and economic development.

“Our kitchen-table conversations were always about community service,” Nelson says. “Watching my parents work hard to make ends meet really influenced me and my sisters.”

His dedication to community involvement has been a driving force throughout his career. With a history of serving on the Carmel City Council and numerous boards, Nelson’s commitment to giving back is a central pillar of his candidacy.

“I’ve always been a big thinker – how can I contribute and how can I get involved?” Nelson says. “I get a great deal of pride and a sense of accomplishment by being a community contributor. People always ask me why I want to be mayor, and it’s always an easy answer for me. This is what I wake up every morning thinking about. It’s my passion.”

Marked as the first time a democrat has ever won a seat on the Carmel City Council, Nelson, who was elected in 2019, has focused on issues that directly impact residents’ lives, transcending political affiliations to prioritize the greater good.

“Issues of safety, roads, infrastructure and schools are issues that affect the lives of people,” Miles Nelson says. “These issues are not red or blue issues. These are people issues. Politics should be left at the door.”Miles Nelson

Pledging to continue the legacy of Mayor Brainard’s vision for Carmel, Nelson emphasizes the importance of building a city with a strong sense of community and identity.

“Mayor Brainard has been a friend and a mentor to me,” he says. “One thing that binds us all together is the sense of community when living in Carmel, and I want to keep the city moving forward.”

With his focus on inclusivity, transparent governance and sustainable development, Miles Nelson’s campaign for mayor embodies a forward-thinking approach that prioritizes the well-being and aspirations of the Carmel community.

“I want us to partner with our sister cities in Hamilton County, Boone County and Marion County,” Nelson says. “Competing with each other is thinking too small. The real competition is Nashville, Denver and Austin, among others, and I want to make sure that we can compete toe to toe with those places.”

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