Modern Collective and Wise Aesthetics Empower Clients to Look and Feel Their Best

Writer / Alli Donovan
Photographer / Sarah Browning

In a world that embraces individuality and self-expression, the beauty industry plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals to look and feel their best. Carmel is lucky to have two key players in the mix – Modern Collective and Wise Aesthetics.Modern Collective and Wise Aesthetics

These two exceptional establishments stand side by side, each offering state-of-the-art services and luxury appeal. While their services may differ, they are united by a shared mission: to help individuals look and feel their best, while embracing the joy of being women-owned businesses in the beauty industry.

These businesses epitomize the spirit of entrepreneurship, inviting us to celebrate the incredible women behind the scenes who have made these ventures thrive.


Modern Collective

Owned by Gabrielle McDougle, Modern Collective is a luxury hair salon that specializes in hand-tied extensions.

“Throughout my career I have always said, ‘I want to be the extension girl,’” McDougle says. “I wanted it to be my concentration and now I’m here owning an extension specialty salon.”

It wasn’t an easy road for McDougle. As a kid, she received ridicule at an early age for what she later discovered was an auditory processing disorder. This condition interferes with the way her brain recognizes and interprets sounds, especially speech. She persevered through the bullying and eventually discovered a love for styling and dying hair in high school.

“I was doing hair so well that friends and peers had started encouraging me to do hair as a profession,” she says. “It was the one thing where people had started complimenting me and making me feel good, and then I was able to make other people feel good about themselves too.”

She attended beauty school and received her cosmetology license. She extended her education to get certified in a hair-extension specialty.

Modern Collective and Wise AestheticsModern Collective exudes beauty, professionalism and a love for its clients. McDougle and her team prioritize each client’s happiness and confidence through their entire hair experience. Modern Collective is accepting new clients for custom color and hand-tied extensions at their new location, at 2325 Pointe Parkway in Carmel. Check out their Instagram page @the.moderncollective for inspiration, stylist information, and more. Also call them at 317-975-0922.


Wise Aesthetics

Wise Aesthetics is a full-service medical spa in Carmel. Crissy Wiseman, MSN, RN, CPNP, FNP-C and her team provide state-of-the-art, nonsurgical aesthetic treatments and anti-aging products to their clients. Through these services, clients leave with outstanding and natural-looking results, helping them look and feel their absolute best.

With over 22 years of nursing experience, Wiseman is a nurse practitioner and holds master’s degrees as both a pediatric and family nurse practitioner. She has extensive training as an aesthetic nurse practitioner, including working alongside some of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. She soon decided to take a leap and pursue her own medical spa.

The Wise Aesthetics team develops a plan for all patients based on what each hopes to achieve. Any questions or concerns are addressed during those in-depth planning conversations to ensure full clarity of the treatment plan.

Wise Aesthetics offers an extensive list of services to help clients to look their best. Treatments range from Botox to laser hair removal, and from broadband light for diminishing sun damage to laser genesis, which softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles – and much more.

“My goal is to give my clients the best ‘wow’ result,” Wiseman says. “I want everyone to leave feeling good about themselves. I love what I do. It’s an art and we have so much fun helping people achieve the beauty results they want.”

Wise Aesthetics is located at 2325 Pointe Parkway, Suite 110 in Carmel. For more information on their services and to take their Care Quiz (to discover your ideal solution), visit Collective and Wise Aesthetics

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McDougle and Wiseman are paving the way for beauty in Carmel. As business owners, they continue to redefine standards and inspire their community to embrace inner beauty. Together, these businesses illuminate the path towards a more inclusive, creative and empowered future in the ever-evolving landscape of beauty and wellness.

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