Follow Your Energy Flow to Find Your True You

Michelle Wozniak has a special talent for creating energy drawings for people without ever meeting them beforehand.

Who are you? Are you truly who you are meant to be? Are you living your life fully, in the moment, fulfilling your purpose? These tough questions are difficult for most of us to answer as we evaluate and reevaluate our lives, searching for signs that will help us make sense of our place on earth. According to Michelle Wozniak, if you open your heart and mind to the energy flowing through your body, awareness could be the food that nourishes your soul. And understanding your energy might help you make changes or encourage you to stay on course.

“I believe that everyone has special gifts and are completely one with God,” said Wozniak, who does not really practice a specific religion. Born and raised in Lawrence, the Indiana University graduate, graphic designer, wife and mother to two teens, affirms that fully embracing our gifts is a choice of freewill. “I have always known that my life purpose is to help others remember who they truly are.”

As a youngster, Wozniak felt older than her biological age, which sometimes made her feel out of place. It was often difficult for her to tolerate energies, especially in large crowds where she was affected by overwhelming feelings of negative impulses without really knowing why. “Fortunately, by contemplating these lonely feelings, it made me truly remember I am never alone. God is always in my heart,” said Wozniak, reflecting on her childhood experiences.

An example of a couples' energy drawing.

“When I was very young, my imagination always got the best of me and as a teen I started having out-of-body experiences which were frightening at first. Over time, I’ve learned to enjoy the ride.” During these unexpected moments, she completely identifies with her true spirit and nothing else exists.

Wozniak credits her grandfather, who passed away before she was born, for his guidance, “He was a very spiritual man and a thought-provoking writer. Several years ago I was prompted to read his manuscripts and was amazed at how our beliefs matched exactly,” said Wozniak. “I took after him by questioning all spiritual belief systems and determined what felt most comfortable for me.”

Comfort and privacy are two of her top concerns when she creates and interprets energy drawings. Comfort was the first concern she had with Tom Britt as she prepared to interpret his past life expressed in his energy drawing, and how his past life affects what he is bringing into his present existence as a crusader.

Tom Britt's energy drawing shows his past life as a Knights Templar.

“I didn’t really know what to expect,” said Britt, publisher of the Geist and Carmel Community Newsletters. “She started telling me that I was a Knights Templar in a previous life. I tried not to roll my eyes, but the more she talked about their history in the middle ages of being crusaders for the church to protect the roads to the Holy Land, the more I started to relate to her reading.”

When Wozniak settles in her quiet place to begin a drawing, she completely centers herself, relaxes into the person’s energy and prepares to receive messages. “First I ask permission of the person and their higher self. I won’t get into a person’s energy unless they let me in.”

Once they let her in, she’s never sure who will send the messages that inspire her to draw. The person’s angels, guides, family members and those who have passed on convey colors, direction, symbols and translation. “Sometimes I feel physical pain in my hands, in my head or in my heart.” According to Wozniak, the beautiful thing about these drawings is they show how the person’s energies evolve from the Divine, which is pure love. “This love is then shown on paper, explaining how they project their core energy. No matter if a person’s energy is blocked or needs adjustment to the flow, they can still see who they truly are.”

Wozniak never discussed her experiences until she was well into her twenties and then only privately, but she says her children and husband know this is part of who she is and they embrace it. “So many people are frustrated because they are not living in perfect alignment with their perfect selves,” said Wozniak. “The key to figuring out your purpose is to BE in every moment, quiet the noise and use your God given gifts.”

Wozniak’s college roommate, Siobhan Roark recalled that she had no idea her friend was gifted in this way. “In my energy drawing my sister spoke to her. I had a rainbow over my head but a chain link wrapped around me,” said Roark. “Michelle said she visualized my sister saying how sorry she was that she had taken her life and taken my rainbow from me. It was very touching.”

Another example of an energy drawing.

Certified in Esoteric Healing and Reiki, a spiritual practice developed by the Japanese using hands to transfer positive healing energy, Wozniak reveals her thoughts on sharing her gift in a world that is increasingly becoming more open to holistic healing. “It is such a blessing that the world has evolved to embrace our spiritual awakening with such public acceptance. As I grew older, along my journey, there were only one or two people that I could talk to, but now there are hundreds to listen and to learn from,” said Wozniak. “We are always evolving and expanding our minds beyond the universal consciousness to a place deep within our hearts, to our Creator who has always been there with us.”

Kristen Durrett was curious about her energy, “I found her interpretation very interesting. When she explained the colors in my drawing and the meaning of the symbols, I thought it was pretty accurate considering she had never met me.”

While Wozniak realizes some will not take her seriously, doubters do not disturb her. “The ego and external world are continuously confronting us with lessons to overcome, that will change our perspective and help us find eternal peace. There is no duality in God, only pure love,” explains Wozniak. “If we are part of God then why should we not enjoy and exist in the same pure love here, in our heaven on earth?

She admits her life is no different than that of any other parent as she recalls completing a peaceful session only to find her children arguing over fruit loops in the kitchen. Even so, she believes it is part of her calling to get married, to have children and to be someone who exists in this world, but was showered with a special talent and is called to share her gift with others in order to help them become better people and live life more fully. A cherished phrase sums it all up for Wozniak, “seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and then all things will be added unto you.”

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