Crimson Wholistic Fitness
Tambryn Crimson-Dahn CPT, CFC, Nutritionist, Addiction Recovery Specialist at Crimson Wholistic Fitness in the Carmel FlexWerk building.

Crimson Wholistic Fitness

The goal of Crimson Wholistic Fitness, located at 885 Monon Green Boulevard, is to improve mental health through fitness training. Owner Tambryn Crimson-Dahn found a need within the mental health industry and created the concept after gaining certifications in personal training, fitness coaching and nutrition. Also certified as a drug and alcohol recovery specialist, Crimson-Dahn knows firsthand how improved fitness, nutrition and mindfulness techniques can change lives.

“In 2016, I weighed 216 pounds and wore a 3X in shirts. I never wanted to exercise, it was not on my radar, and I was addicted to cigarettes and anxiety pills. I came from a broken home with a toxic environment and knew many people dealing with the same thing,” says Crimson-Dahn.

“At that time, I was sexually assaulted, and a switch flipped. I started going to the gym to fix myself and salvage what health I had left. I vowed I would never be a victim again. I figured out what worked as I went and today, I wear a size extra small,” says Crimson-Dahn.

Crimson Wholistic Fitness
Crimson Wholistic Fitness is located at 885 Monon Green Boulevard, Suite 120, inside of FlexWerk.

After experiencing her own transformation, Crimson-Dahn felt a calling to help others achieve overall mental health through exercise. Besides her work at Crimson Wholistic Fitness, she is also a contributing writer for The Medical Fitness Network. Her fitness and wellness programs offer clients several options.

At no charge, Crimson-Dahn provides Tambryn’s Tip Seminar which provides attendees with guidance on nutrition, anxiety management and relationship coping skills. Also free is one-to-one zoom consultation session to explore goals. A variety of packages and pricing for bundles of 55-minute sessions and include a free assessment. Both small group and individual relaxation sessions which include meditation coaching and yoga are offered.

“This is a safe space. I’m a good listener and whatever anyone says to me in a one-on-one session stays here. People coming out of treatment centers need something else besides just therapy and often they find they are addicted to their anxiety medication. Food addiction is something that is never talked about but the ‘why’ behind it needs to be charted,” says Crimson-Dahn.

“I love being a part of helping people figure it out. I did it myself with no one to turn to, but people don’t have to do it alone; there is somewhere they can go. They have a choice to become all they can be,” says Crimson-Dahn.

Email at Call or text 317-699-8311.

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