Perspire Sauna Studio Owner Louise Hughes (photography by Sarah Browning)

Perspire Sauna Studio – Carmel

As a lifelong runner, Louise Hughes was training for her second marathon two years ago when she noticed her body was taking longer to recover than it had in years past. After reading about how infrared sauna sessions provide safe and easy pain therapy for joint and muscle recovery, her interest was piqued. She learned the deep heat during a session helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, which provides healing to muscles and soft-tissue injuries. She gave it a try and felt amazing.

She continued doing research and found that regular infrared sauna use and red-light therapy offer a holistic wellness approach that helps invigorate and refresh the body and mind. The infrared heat cleanses the body of toxins, reduces inflammation and releases tension. The color light restores balance. Those who partake in infrared sauna sessions can experience numerous benefits, including relaxing the mind, detoxing the body, burning calories, boosting immunity, hastening recovery, rejuvenating skin and improving sleep. Although Hughes loved her experience, she didn’t like the sterile environment.

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“I thought how great it would be to open an infrared sauna place that was more of a relaxing, peaceful, spa-like sanctuary,” says Hughes, who then stumbled upon a franchise called Perspire Sauna Studio that first launched on the west coast. After a 25-year career in information technology consulting services, Hughes was ready to dive into a career she felt passionate about, and this fit the bill.

“This business checked every box for me,” says Hughes, who decided to become a franchise owner and open a Perspire Sauna Studio in Clay Terrace. She talked to a number of people who have used infrared saunas and red-light therapy, and was blown away by their stories. People with Lyme disease or Parkinson’s disease found relief. Patients suffering from arthritis symptoms were alleviated. Those detoxing from mold exposure or chemotherapy felt improved health.

The first of its kind in Indiana, Perspire Sauna Studio will open in mid-June, offering nine private suites where members and guests can fully stretch out and relax for up to 40 minutes, at a temperature of their preference (130 to 170 degrees). The infrared saunas also include red-light and chromotherapy.

“There’s a TV on the wall so you can catch up on your favorite shows, relax to music, or listen to a meditation – whatever you want,” says Hughes. “It’s really your time to just relax and enjoy the heat.”

Bring a copy of this article into the studio during the month of June to receive the founding membership rates. For more information, call 463-223-9661 or find them on Instagram @perspirecarmel.

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