SLA Audiology Offers a Broad Scope of Audiology Services

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SLA AudiologyThe Hearing Review reports that the average person is aware they have a hearing impairment for up to 12 years before seeking treatment. This is due in part to the stigma associated with hearing loss.

“Unfortunately, hearing loss gets associated with the aging process and that stigma results in considerable delays in treatment,” says Shannon L. Austin, doctor of audiology and owner of SLA Audiology. “This is frustrating for those of us who know the life-changing effects of current technology combined with professional guidance. Many times patients are concerned that others will notice a hearing aid, but when you’re not engaging in conversation, that’s very noticeable too.”

According to Austin, hearing loss is the third most chronic health condition in the U.S. behind heart disease and arthritis. In addition, hearing loss can mimic cognitive decline. 

“Studies show that listening under difficult conditions requires increased cognitive resources in order to communicate,” says Austin, who has 18-plus years of audiology experience. “This extra cognitive effort can take away from resources that could be devoted to other activities. Difficulty hearing can also result in social isolation and loneliness, which have other negative health consequences.”

SLA Audiology, a local, independently owned company, offers a broad scope of audiology services – not just hearing aids. This includes tinnitus evaluations, ear wax management, assistive listening devices, and communication and functional needs assessments. Austin also works with those in law enforcement, military and construction, as well as anyone else who is regularly exposed to loud noises such as hunters and musicians. 

“We want to be their resource for providing the hearing protection they need to prevent hearing loss,” Austin says. 

If a patient’s hearing concerns require an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, those referrals will be made. Austin has an extensive background in medical audiology, having spent 15 years of her career working closely with ENTs. ENTs are physicians who deal with the surgical and medical management of conditions of the head and neck. Audiologists, who are now required to have a doctor of audiology degree, are responsible for the non-medical management of hearing and balance disorders. 

SLA Audiology

SLA Audiology is open five days per week with early morning and evening appointments available. 

“A good number of our patients or their caregivers are still working, so the extended hours allow them to come without taking time off from work,” Austin says. “We also offer virtual appointments.”

If a patient has devices that were purchased elsewhere that need to be reprogrammed, or would like further guidance on how to use them, they are welcome to schedule an appointment with Austin at SLA Audiology where she follows best-practice guidelines when it comes to fitting protocols. 

“We’re glad to develop a treatment plan regardless of where devices were purchased,” Austin says.

If you or someone you love is struggling to hear, reach out to SLA Audiology for a consultation.

“Successful outcomes are far greater the sooner the loss is treated, and can result in a significant improvement in overall quality of life,” Austin says.

SLA Audiology is located at 480 E. Northfield Drive, Suite 600 in Brownsburg. For more information, give them a call at 317-932-0099 or visit them online at

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