Hendricks County Bank and Trust Company is located at One East Main Street, Brownsburg, IN, 317-852-2268.

Hendricks County Bank and Trust Company

Seth Cromer is with Hendricks County Wealth Advisors at the Hendricks County Bank & Trust Company.

Today most major nationwide banks offer wealth advisory services to help their clients grow their money. Even local banks have gotten into this game more recently. For years, Hendricks County Bank and Trust Company has considered starting a wealth advisory division. They were just waiting for the right time and the right people to have in place. Everything came together in November 2023 when they hired Seth Cromer to head up the Wealth Advisors division.

“This is a strategic initiative that fits in well with our mission statement, which says, in part, that we’re here to promote economic prosperity and to improve the quality of life in the Hendricks County community,” says Jerry Orem, president. “Financial services are a natural offshoot to the banking products and services we offer our customers.”

Hendricks County Bank and Trust Company has clients who have been with them their entire life – perhaps 50, 60 or 70 years. As a result, strong relationships have been built over time. Hendricks County Bank has five branches. At each branch, any time a customer walks through the door, they’re greeted, and more often than not by name. You don’t get that personal touch at many bigger banks.

“People would rather not go outside of the community they like and know for advice on what to do with their retirement savings,” says Cromer, a lifelong resident of Hendricks County.

While many larger entities might only be interested in working with individuals with a high net worth, at Hendricks County Bank, they offer the same products and services to customers with a high net worth and those with modest means.

“We work with people who maybe have a job change and a 401(k) to rollover, or perhaps they’re self-employed and need to start an IRA,” Orem says. “That’s the niche we fill that the larger brokerage houses probably overlook.”

Cromer, who over the next few years will be building out and growing Hendricks County Wealth Advisors, loves the diverse tapestry of his days. For instance, he recently started out his day talking to a small-business owner who wanted to set up simple IRAs for his handful of employees. Cromer shared details on the new tax benefits and tax breaks for small-business owners who start such a plan. From there, he met a college student who was looking to set up an IRA for the internship he just completed, as well as his upcoming summer internship. Finally, he made a house call to an 80-year-old customer who didn’t want to go out in the bitter cold. “It benefits me as well; I always get good tea and coffee when I go to her house,” Cromer says with a smile.

The day demonstrates the full spectrum of the clientele Cromer works with, which exemplifies the purpose of a community bank.

“All of these clients are in completely different stages of life and different stages in their financial situations,” says Cromer, who enjoys learning about his clients’ interests and hobbies. “Relationship building is the best part of this process, as we focus on these differences and work together to develop a plan that best serves each situation.”

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