Whitestown Police Detective Enjoys Helping Community

Whitestown Police Detective Dio Hernandez Enjoys Helping Community

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Detective Dio Hernandez with the Whitestown Police Department strives to make his community a safer place to live.

Even though he has had to face some tough cases, he still maintains a positive attitude.Dio Hernandez

“I am attached to the Boone County Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation Task Force,” Hernandez says. “Our primary focus is the investigation of crimes against children.”

Hernandez has had some investigations he won’t forget.

“One case involved a young woman that was sexually assaulted by an unknown service provider,” he says. “My partner and I stayed up for over 48 hours, and we were able to bring the perpetrator to justice as well as provide support services for the victim.”

Another case involved the theft of over 40 vehicles from a rental company.

“Even though we were able to identify a possible suspect, we were not successful in proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the person actually committed the crimes,” Hernandez says. “However, we were successful in recovering over 30 of the stolen vehicles.”

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Public Service Career

Hernandez started his public service career in 1995 as an EMT in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“I continued with my EMS career after relocating to Northeastern Indiana,” Hernandez says. “In 2001, I started my law enforcement career as a Reserve Deputy for the Adams County Sheriff Department. I eventually became a full-time deputy. I have also served as Town Marshall for the Town of Monroe, Indiana, a Detective Sergeant for the Indianapolis Airport Police, and a Scholl Resource Officer for the Brownsburg Community Schools.”

Dio HernandezBeing Safer

Hernandez says there are steps people in the Whitestown community can take to be safer and look out for their neighbors. He has some suggestions on how people can help in crime prevention and be safe.

“Trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings,” he says. “If it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t. Also, call the police, you are not bothering us. We are here for you and are literally waiting for your call. If we don’t know about it, we cannot help.”

Hernandez also suggests getting to know your neighbors.

“Also, lock your doors, because criminals are often looking for the easy score,” he says. “You should also remove items of value from your vehicles. If you are going on vacation, you should take advantage of your local police department’s vacation watch program. It also helps to become educated about phone and internet scams.

Family Man

When he isn’t working, Hernandez loves to spend time with his family.

“I want to recognize my family; without their support I could not be an effective Public Servant,” he says. “My wife of 26 years, Ruth, is an Operations Manager at the Indianapolis International Airport and together with our two daughters, Brittany and Bethany, she has been my biggest cheerleader and influence. If you don’t see us out and about in the community or at the early service at Traders Point Church, it’s because we are at Disney World, or at a nearby state park camping.”

Positive Community

Hernandez says it’s truly a pleasure to work for the Whitestown community.Dio Hernandez

“A successful and effective police department cannot exist without the assistance and guidance from the community, and a safe community requires involvement from its citizens,” Hernandez says. “We need you to continue to be our eyes and ears, as you are in a better position to identify the things that may be wrong. Let us know how we can be of service, and do not hesitate to say hello when you see us out and about.”

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  1. Diana King says:

    Thank you for your service, Officer Hernandez!

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