Orangetheory Fitness – West Carmel Zionsville

In early May, Orangetheory Fitness will open its fifth studio in the Indianapolis area at 106th and Michigan Road in West Carmel. This revolutionary fitness concept was launched in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2010 and has rapidly spread across the country.  Currently, there are over 550 Orangetheory Fitness studios in the United States and Canada with hundreds more under development. The brand is also expanding into 16 countries around the globe, including Australia, England, Columbia, Mexico, Israel, Germany and Spain.

Area developers and owners, Carolyn and Shaun McDonald relocated to Indianapolis from Florida to develop the Indiana market for Orangetheory Fitness. As is the case with many OTF franchisees, they started as members and fell in love with the workout.  Their passion for the product led to inquiries into business opportunities.  After considering a franchise in Florida, the McDonald’s decided to return to Indiana for the opportunity to develop a larger region and be closer to family. The Carmel studio exploded onto the fitness scene in April of 2015 and now offers 66 classes per week! The Ironworks and Fishers-Geist studios opened in 2016 and are on the same path. Greenwood is set to open in April and West Carmel-Zionsville is next!

The physiological theory behind the Orangetheory workout is known as “Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption” or EPOC. The scientific concept behind EPOC is that by maintaining 84 percent or higher of your maximum heart rate for 12 or more minutes within a one hour session, your body produces an afterburn effect or an increased metabolic rate for 24-36 hours post workout.

Every 60-minute Orangetheory Fitness class delivers a high-energy workout broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training using a variety of equipment including treadmills, water rowers, TRX suspension straps and free weights.  Each participant wears a heart rate monitor, and the percentage a member’s maximum heart rate and training zone is projected, in real time, on large monitors during the session. This invaluable tool not only motivates members, but also serves as a tool for instructors to gauge levels of intensity. Each session is led by a qualified fitness coach, who ensures you are pushing yourself, while safely guiding you through the class, in a motivating and fun group environment.

Even though the West Carmel-Zionsville studio grand opening is slated for May, you can sign up now as a Founding Member and enjoy up to 20 percent off retail rates. There are no long-term contracts required, no initiation or registration fees and you’ll be invited to attend free preview classes before they open!

If you’re looking for an effective and challenging group environment to get back into shape and get ready for summer, call or stop by the Orangetheory Fitness West Carmel-Zionsville membership office and find out why this is the Best 1-Hour Workout in the Country!  During construction, the membership office is located just north of the future studio at 4400 Weston Pointe Drive in the plaza with Woodhouse Day Spa and Stone Creek Dining Company.

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