Q & A with Avon Town Council Member Aaron Tevebaugh

Writer / Darren Boston 

What is your position with the Town of Avon?

I began my first term on the council in January of 2015. I currently serve as the Council Vice President and liaison to the Public Works Department and Economic Development Commission.

What led you to run for this position?

I served four years on the Avon Redevelopment Commission prior to my time on the council. This position gave me a good perspective on the needs of the community as a whole. I became very interested in helping Avon move forward.

Tell me about your career as an IMPD Detective and how long you’ve been there?

I have been very fortunate to serve a dual role in public service. I joined the Indianapolis Police Department, now IMPD, in 2000 after spending nearly three years as a reserve deputy for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD). I am currently assigned to the Office of Career and Leadership Development (CLD). The anchor project of the office is the IMPD Leadership Academy which is a nationally recognized leadership development program. The office is also responsible for projects such as college and university partnerships, continuing education opportunities and teaching introductory leadership courses to recruit officers and high school students in and around Indianapolis. I embrace being a full-time student of leadership and enjoy the study of human behavior as well as exploring its application to all professions and to life in general.

How did you get involved with the IMPD?

I was a lost college student in 1998, trying to decide what I would do in life. I stumbled into the MCSD Reserve Academy and found police work was something that was a good fit for me and something I had great passion for as well. 1475751173___img_7140

What does a typical day look like for you in both roles?

My responsibilities in the CLD Office keep me busy for my entire day. I try to make it home for dinner or meet the family out to eat most weekdays. My evenings are generally occupied with council meetings, events, phone calls and emails. Many evenings are also spent taking my daughters to their activities and spending time outdoors as much as possible.

Where are you from?

I am originally from the small Hendricks County farm town of Belleville. I moved to Speedway as a teenager and graduated from Speedway High School in 1995. We decided to move our family to Avon in 2010.

Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of in your career.

I have been fortunate to enjoy the last 18 years working in law enforcement and meeting so many helpful and influential people. One incident I will always remember is closing down a drug house in an area of Indianapolis that was infested with narcotics and prostitutes. I was a young officer at the time but understood the residents in the area were mostly hard-working families that had been there for several generations. When the subjects from the house were being walked out to the jail wagon, I noticed several of the neighbors who were sitting on their porches stood up and began applauding. I was very moved by this act, and it was through this incident that I began to understand the actions of one person absolutely can make a difference.

Talk about a time when you made a mistake in your career.

I spent several years of my younger life inundated with completing tasks and meeting goals that I believed at the time were of the utmost priority. What I was missing all of these years was the importance of having positive relationships with people. I couldn’t see at the time that I was the issue in many of my own problems. Once I came to understand the concept of unconditional self-accountability and seeing people as people, I began to open up to a whole new perspective on life.

What do you like best about Avon?

I thoroughly enjoy the sense of community and small town values with the convenience of everything at your fingertips as well as the great sense of unity.

Tell me about your family.

I have been married to my best friend Krista for the last 11 years. We have two daughters, Ella, 8, and Kaylin, 4. We also have four beagles that make our family complete.

What do you do to relax?

I love spending time with my family, especially doing outdoor activities. We love to spend time on trails and in the woods enjoying nature to the fullest. Some of our favorite activities are hiking wooded trails, playing disc golf at Avon Town Hall Park and fishing in our super top secret Avon location!

Have you made some good friends here in Avon?

I am not sure I could ask for better friends than what I have. I always made it a priority to have friends outside of the police world and keep a good balance in life. I have been very fortunate to meet great people throughout my life, many of which I am still in contact with today. Even though some of my best friends and mentors have already passed away, their influence and mentorship will always be something I cherish.

What is you and your family’s favorite part of Avon?

We really enjoy the restaurants and parks but most importantly the people. We enjoy spending time at Avon Town Hall Park and Washington Township Park. We have made so many great friends since moving to Avon and continue to enjoy meeting new people on a regular basis.

What was your last family vacation?

For our 2016 summer vacation, our girls chose to spend time in Santa Claus, Indiana, in lieu of the 13-hour drive to Florida. We have found a great place to stay in a lakefront cabin to enjoy some quiet time as well as visiting Holiday World.

What’s your favorite book?

Everything from the Arbinger Institute! From “Leadership and Self-Deception” to “The Anatomy of Peace” and their latest release “The Outward Mindset.” I believe this material has absolutely changed my life for the better and have heard nothing but great testimonials from others who have read them. I keep copies of each title on hand to give to friends when it appears they could benefit from the material.

Are you involved in any community organizations?

I have coached soccer for the Avon YMCA each spring for the last five years. I was a member of the Avon Rotary Club from 2010-2016.

What are your hobbies?

I really enjoy traveling and spending time with my family, especially doing outdoor activities. We have a great time exploring the sites around Indiana and searching for rare opportunities to spot wildlife. I also enjoy vacationing to warm destinations and eating at local “Mom and Pop” restaurants anytime I am on a trip. Now that I am nearing my 40th birthday, I have to be a little more selective with my eating habits! I am also a Dallas Cowboys football fan. This is something I receive a great amount of grief for from multiple people around this time every year!

Have any advice for your younger self?

Seek out great mentors early in life. Separate yourself from the negativity and constantly challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone to grow and develop. View issues in life as invitations to solve problems and gain experience. Understand the value in change and its potential for personal growth.

What is your main goal for the future?

Enjoy every day of life to the fullest, help my daughters to accomplish great things in their lives and leave the Town of Avon in a better place than when I arrived.

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