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Dr. TavelIt has been a year filled with anxiety and confusion as the population wraps their heads around how to safely navigate a global pandemic. Initially, many people were hesitant to participate in their annual medical check-ups, including eye exams. Now that more is known about what the virus is and how it is transmitted, Dr. Tavel has gone to great lengths to enforce stringent protocols that keep their staff and patients safe. And this is crucial because studies have shown the negative impacts that skipping annual eye exams can have on one’s health.

In addition to correcting your vision, an annual comprehensive eye exam can detect and track the progress of several chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, brain tumors, cancers, and of course, ocular diseases.

“The evolution of these chronic conditions doesn’t slow down during a pandemic,” says Mollie Tavel, Director of Growth Initiatives & Community Engagement. “Even during these uncertain times it’s important to prioritize your annual eye exam because it provides a window into your overall health.”

Dr. Tavel, a family-owned and operated business since its inception, has been serving Hoosiers for more than 80 years. They recently committed to support the Avon community in December 2019. To continue helping people see better, look better and feel better during the pandemic. Dr. Tavel established their “Eyes on Safety” procedures in order to continue seeing patients safely.

“Our health and safety protocols are based on CDC and state guidelines, and include rigorous cleaning before and after every patient, mask requirements and sanitization of everything that’s touched — from equipment, to chairs and countertops, to every frame on the board,” Tavel says.

In addition to standardizing meticulous health and safety procedures, the era of COVID-19 has also ushered in a whole other issue for people of all ages – eye care experts are seeing an uptick in digital eye strain, which can be attributed to our screen-intensive “new normal.”

Dr. Tavel“With online schooling and remote working, our patients are spending a great deal of time staring at screens of all sizes,” says Tavel, whose team of optometrists all recommend the 20/20/20/20 rule to encourage folks to rest their eyes. “The idea is to take a 20-second break, look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes, and blink 20 times to hydrate the eyes. These things allow your eye muscles to relax.”

For those experiencing tired eyes, visual discomfort and overall fatigue at the end of the day, Dr. Tavel has a variety of products in their digital eye strain portfolio that can help. Whether you prefer glasses or contacts, require a bifocal or no correction at all, the team at Dr. Tavel in Avon can help you keep your eyes comfortable all day long.

Unlike other eye care providers, Dr. Tavel accepts all vision insurance, guaranteed. If you do not have insurance, they offer a variety of affordable options as well as interest-free payment plans to ensure that eyewear is accessible for everyone.

We welcome 2021 as a brand-new year of promise so make your eyesight a priority and schedule an appointment today!

Dr. Tavel is located at 7900 E. US Hwy 36, Avon, IN 46123. For more information, call 317-559-3530 or visit www.drtavel.com/locations/avon.

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