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Business Spotlight: Kingsway Christian School

Why do families choose Kingsway Christian School?

Simply: they choose KCS because families want choices and partnership in their children’s education.

The KCS purpose is easily remembered as




Learning and


A closer look tells us that families desire to see their children FILL with:

  1. Compassion for one another and for this hurting world
  2. Love for God
  3. Strong principles and values that match what is modeled at home
  4. Love for Learning
  5. Strong practical skills
  6. Purposeful academic learning
  7. Wisdom and faithfulness to God

Families choose Kingsway Christian School because they want alignment between their child’s school experience and their faith, values at home, and teachings of their church. They want to see their children FILLED with those values in the school environment. They continue in Christian education because they find partnership, encouragement, relationship with their child’s teacher, humility, joy, love and FUN!  Families choose Kingsway Christian School because it demonstrates its mission by leading children wisely and then demonstrating to them how to apply wisdom on their own. Practical life skills are also important. It is exciting to see children mastering skills that have been modeled by teachers who care and who communicate openly with parents.

A recent Barna study captured a national snapshot of what families are saying about school choices. These things take priority:

  1. Safety
  2. Character development
  3. Small Class size
  4. Teachers who are readily accessible and who know their children well.
  5. Leadership skills and abilities nurtured

The recent results from Cardus studies through ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) tell us that children who attended Christian schools report a stronger sense of direction in their lives and greater confidence in their ability to deal with life’s challenges. They also report a greater involvement in community service outside of their churches and they donate significantly more time in service and resources to charitable causes including their churches.

Why is this important?

It’s important because families are expressing these important life skills are what they want their children to see and learn. They want their children to value people more than things. They want their children to learn manners and socially appropriate behaviors but also to take a stand when needed. They also know that the academic part of the learning environment must remain solid and stable for students to have choices in the future.

It’s a community.

Families tell us that they want their children to experience a school that feels like family. KCS has long been regarded for its unique feel – a sweetness that comes from people who have gathered together to create an environment for learning that propels students forward. God designed all humans to be in community. It is easy to see that need as you look around. Notice neighborhoods, family reunions, sporting clubs, neighborhood coffee houses, and service organizations. People need a sense of belonging. Children especially need a sense of belonging to feel safe and ready to learn.

Increasingly, we are seeing our society gravitate toward isolationism and individualism. Having a sense of individuality and uniqueness is important. But loneliness takes its toll on the family who feels isolated with nowhere to turn. This is the point where KCS can provide community for a family.

BIG ENOUGH, small enough.

Kingsway Christian School is small enough and big enough. We are big enough to have a full program and many athletic, arts, clubs and academic choices for students. We are small enough to allow them access to anything they want to try. This is part of building a community. Parents build friendships that last from their children’s preschool years all the way through high school life. Our alumni tell us when they come back to visit, they still have many of the same friendships cultivated while they were students at KCS.

There is a sweetness to the school environment at Kingsway Christian School. Teachers can be seen praying for and with parents. Parents tell us that they don’t feel worried when their children are here. They know we will care for and nurture them. The trust that has been built between families and staff is rooted in a long legacy of committed service. Teachers at Kingsway Christian School are doing their jobs – but also expressing their calling. That makes all the difference.

Come find out more about Kingsway Christian School for your family. KCS proudly accepts the Indiana School Choice vouchers. You can reach Shannon Yeater, at syeater@kingswayschol.org, or by calling 317-272-2227. Our website will introduce you to Kingsway: kingswayschool.org. Also stop by, we want to meet you in person!

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