Articles – Living in Fishers Can be a Moving Experience

Take a walk through almost any neighborhood
in Fishers and you’ll find a house for sale or a moving truck in a driveway.
It’s no surprise with all the affordable housing, shopping conveniences,
and excellent schools, people move here. What’s surprising, however, is
just how far (or not) they’ve come. Just ask the Lee Family.
The Lees, like many young families, purchase a home that’s suitable for
themselves and a young child or two. Then within a few years they’ve discovered
they’ve outgrown their home and need to move. Not across the country or
even across the state, just across the street. Yes, less than one mile to be
Nate and Missy Lee decided that after having their third child, Chase, they
needed a larger house with another bedroom. They weren’t expecting to
find a house across the street. They had been looking online and driving around
when they came across what would be their new home.
The house seemed to suit them well. There were plenty of bedrooms for everyone
and their daughter could remain at the same school she attended last year. Besides
that, being so close to their old home, the surroundings still seemed familiar.
So the Lees made plans to pack up the house and move down the road.
“It was worse than I thought,” Missy Lee stated. Surprised by her
response about her moving experience, she explained. “I envisioned the
move to be simple, so we weren’t prepared.” According to the Lees,
they “threw” everything in boxes and didn’t really pack that
well. “It’s no different than moving half across the country or
down the street,” Missy exclaimed. So her advice, prepare!
Many families have moved within the Town of Fishers from one house to the next
and could probably share a similar story. It would seem that if only moving
a mile or two down the road, there would be less packing. To travel such a short
distance should be an easy move. Obviously, that’s not necessarily true.
Debbie Britt of Britt’s Professional Packing Service offers some additional
“Everything fits on the truck like a puzzle piece. Some people may feel
they don’t need to empty the contents of a desk, but the desk might end
up on its side and the desk items go all over the truck,” she says. Debbie
mentions that basically the same rules apply whether someone is moving across
the country or locally. There are really only a few exceptions. For example,
she states that it would probably be easier just to bring wall hangings or dried
flower arrangements to the new house without wrapping or boxing them.
Even if it means moving across the street to a larger home to accommodate a
growing family, it’s nice to see so many people choose to stay here. Is
the house a little crowded? Maybe it’s time to pack up and take the advice
from those who
have had a moving experience in Fishers.

Pictured: Cove, Chase and Timber
Lee settle into their new home, just down the street from their old house in

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