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Frances + Parke Clothing


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Frances + Parke Men & Women’s Clothing Boutique Celebrates Grand Opening

Photographer: Ryan Woodall

A new, family-owned boutique is now open on Zionsville’s bustling Main Street. The owner, Tracy Dull, is a longtime resident of Zionsville who has always loved Main Street and the idea of shopping locally.

“With having a men’s store, we looked at Boone Village and Main Street,” Dull says. “When the location [on Main Street] became available, I knew this would be great for the store. The Zionsville Chamber of Commerce and local merchants have been very supportive and welcoming.”

Dull, who has a business background in management, was previously a stay-at-home mom for the last 15 years to her three children. While a stay-at-home mom, Dull volunteered on a school board of directors, an adoption agency board of directors and a homeowners board.


Dull’s daughter, a high school junior who is planning a career in fashion merchandising, was a big influence in the fruition of Frances + Parke Boutique. Together, the mom and daughter duo decided that this would give her a head start into that industry.

While family-owned, the boutique’s connection to family scales beyond that. Frances + Parke Boutique gets its name from two of Dull’s three children, all of which were adopted from Korea. In addition to the family connection within the boutique’s name, another connection lies within the retail racks, which were hand-crafted by Dull’s husband with the wood from their farm in Boone County.

“Being Zionsville residents, we considered what might be missing in the wonderful shopping arena that Zionsville already offered,” Dull says. “Men’s clothing was not present, so that definitely took the lead in our decision-making. We felt led to open a men’s and women’s apparel store with classically-current clothing.”

While Frances + Parke Boutique offers shoes, luggage, jewelry and other gift items, the boutique’s primary focus is apparel. Some of the brands that are offered include Barbour, Southern Tide, Tribal, Paige, Lucky, Spanx, Saxx, Good American, Mavi, Mission, Herschel, and Cupcakes and Cashmere – most all of which offer accessories and apparel for both men and women.

“We primarily sell apparel that can be worn every day and into date night,” Dull says. “Barbour provides a classic outerwear look, as well as quality clothing like this body shapewear. Southern Tide brings in the fresh southern feel of apparel that perhaps we all long for as the weather changes here in Indiana. We also have other gift items such as jewelry, candles, fun socks, soaps and bath bombs.”

According to Dull, the community’s response to the boutique has been outstanding — especially the response to the men’s apparel and merchandise.  

“Men are very much enjoying the opportunity to shop for themselves locally,” Dull says. “We have had many special orders and reorders on men’s apparel. In addition, ladies are excited to shop not only for themselves but the men in their lives, too.”

Frances + Parke is located at 20 N Main Street in Zionsville. You can give them a call at 317-593-5999 or visit them online at francesparke.com for more info.

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