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Elite Kitchens – Middlebury


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Custom Cabinetry and Design Business is Built on Excellence

Photographer / Timothy Hare

The word “elite” means many things. It can refer to wealth and status. However, the word can also be used in reference to a high-end product that is functional, attractive and in high demand.

Tim Schlabach, owner of Elite Kitchens, grew up working for his family construction business by fashioning interior millwork, such as doors, baseboard trim and window trim, for the homes his father built. It provided him with an excellent opportunity to learn how to create designs his customers would appreciate every day.

“I loved what I did, and eventually it morphed into building cabinetry,” he explains.

Elite KitchensThe cabinets that Schlabach builds are made from domestic hardwood, and are fitting for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and most other rooms in a house. Ultimately, his goal is to impress clients with cabinets that will last a lifetime.

“We strive to provide the best product available,” he says.

In the 13 years since Elite Kitchens began, Schlabach’s service area has grown substantially. To date, most of his jobs are within a 40-mile radius of Middlebury. However, the company has installed cabinets as far away as Florida and New York.

“We really go anywhere,” Schlabach says.

From the moment a client contacts Elite Kitchens, Schlabach tailors not only the cabinets, but also the experience, to their unique needs.

The first meeting with a client is always at the worksite.

“We gather ideas and try to capture their vision for the project,” Schlabach explains.

Elite Kitchen’s draftsmen then take the measurements and notes from the initial meeting and draft a detailed design for the entire project – cabinets, countertops, millwork and anything else the client wants.

“Our goal is to take care of everything from start to finish, so the client does not need to stress about anything,” Schlabach says.

Once the client signs off on the drawings, Elite’s team of craftsmen builds the cabinetry to specifications, and Schlabach’s team typically gets cabinets installed within six to 10 weeks.

It takes more than a quality product to have a successful business.

Elite Kitchens“We feel the Elite name is not necessarily for our cabinetry,” Schlabach says. “It also properly explains our mentality as a whole. Everything that we do is based on the word ‘elite,’ whether that’s the services that we offer or anything that we do. That’s what we strive to give each client.”

According to their mission statement, the company’s goal is “to provide the most outstanding service paired with the best quality products and design in order to give our clients the best possible experience ever.” Schlabach, the office staff and the full-time installation crew all strive to carry out this mission.

“The core values of our company are honesty, integrity, and to excel in all that we do,” Schlabach says.

For Schlabach, the most important aspects of customer service are developing relationships with clients and being attentive to details – even the small ones.

“If you’re asked to do a project, and you go above and beyond on even the little things, the client will remember and appreciate that,” he explains. “We as a company can move forward without looking back and having any regrets in our dealings with our customers.”

Offering elite service often means that Schlabach and his crew take the high road, even when offering lesser quality would be easier.

“In today’s day and age, that is something that is hard to come by,” Schlabach says. “To me it’s more important than ever to try to instill that in our employees, and anyone who is representing our company.”

In Schlabach’s opinion, the best part of owning Elite Kitchens is a job well-done.

“My favorite part is to look back on where we started with a project and seeing the finished product installed, and hearing from the client that we have exceeded expectations,” he says.

Visit the Elite Kitchens showroom at 108 South Main Street in Middlebury to see the various styles they have to offer. To get a free estimate for your next home improvement project, call 574-825-9724, or email elitekitchens.tim@gmail.com.

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