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YOU can achieve great things. You have dreams for your future. You may know what those dreams look like or you may feel overwhelmed because you don’t have them completely formulated. The pressure to know what you are doing next is intense. You may feel anxious because it seems that every decision you make will affect your future. And the unrealistic expectation for you to know what you want to do as a student is daunting. You want to be successful and realize your dreams, but we know that it’s often difficult to articulate those exact dreams and what your next steps should be toward making them happen. Adding to the burden of your impending decision may loom the debt you will most likely incur while spending the next 4-5 years stuck sitting in classes for what’s continuing to become a worthless piece of paper and no guarantee of a job.

At Apprentice University, we understand the stress associated with these pressing decisions. You need help visualizing your dreams and figuring out each step to take. Apprentice University is a debt-free college purposefully designed for YOUR outstanding future. We help guide you along the curvy pathway toward reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

That’s why we want to guide you through different kinds of apprenticeships and experiences, learning the skills that employers are looking for. Here’s how it works: you walk in feeling overwhelmed and unskilled, you take classes and go through 5-6 planned apprenticeships, and then you graduate as a skilled and confident young professional. Apply today, so you can avoid an enormous amount of debt and gain real world experiences and skills that prepare you for your outstanding future. That’s why we strive to provide avenues through which you can surpass expectations and fulfill your potential.

Q Is Apprentice University a trade school?

We are not — but we did learn from the model! If you’re looking to become a mechanical engineer, surgeon, or marine biologist, Apprentice University may not be the right fit for you. But if you’d like to dedicate a couple years to earning skills that will prepare you for the professional world — regardless of your trade — the Foundational Certificate all apprentices earn is applicable to any career.

Q What types of careers can I pursue with my Apprentice University education?

Our students at Apprentice University have a variety of career and personal goals. While our certificates may focus on particular career fields, such as project management, software development, or digital storytelling, the personalization offered at Apprentice University allows students to fit their education to their goals — whatever they might be!

Q How long does it take to graduate the Apprentice University program?

Generally speaking, students enrolling in our program directly from high school will graduate in two-and-a-half years. That said, if the student participated in our JumpStart high school program, they may graduate in less time than that. Likewise, if students do not prove their mastery of the badges within the certificate(s) they’re pursuing, they may graduate later.

Q How much does it cost to attend Apprentice University?

Apprentice University's ongoing tuition is billed monthly so students can worry less about cash flow. One-time enrollment and onboarding fees are around $1,500. Good news: students working in paid apprenticeships should have the funds to cover their tuition every month! If you need more information, please contact us.

Q What's the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship?

Internships usually do not have a specific job description, and they don’t include a great deal of skilled work. Often, interns are left to complete mundane tasks without much guidance. In contrast, apprenticeships with our corporate partners derive from a professional’s job description and depend on dedicated mentorship. Each apprenticeship builds upon the previous, ensuring the student is acquiring skills and progressing through their career path of interest.

Q How many apprenticeships do students have?

During their time at Apprentice University, students will complete approximately 5-6 apprenticeships, each spanning about 4-5 months. Scheduled with our corporate partners, these apprenticeships offer students on-the-job training as well as opportunities to apply their studies to the real world. At graduation, this work totals to approximately 4,000 hours of experience, as well as an impressive portfolio of skills.

Q What kind of apprenticeships have students held?

The type of apprenticeships students may hold depends on their type of career goals! Some of our students have managed membership databases and new member reception, produced podcast audio, and written marketing copy. You won't be bored!

Q Are apprenticeships paid?

We seek paid apprenticeships as often as possible, as we believe it is necessary that our students are compensated for the work they do for our partner companies! However, there can be exceptions made on a case-by-case basis, such as apprenticing for a non-profit.

Q What do your classes look like?

Our classes are seminar-style, which means they focus on discussion rather than lecture. Instead of grades, students receive feedback based on their skills mastery. Course content contributes to the criteria for certain digital badges. Every session offers a variety of classes.

Q Can high school students attend Apprentice University?

Well, yes and no. While they cannot become apprentices, they can attend our JumpStart dual enrollment program! This is a great way to get ahead in Apprentice University while still in high school.

Q Is Apprentice University accredited?

Our accrediting body is the marketplace. This means that knowledge students gain while at Apprentice University is verified by the professionals they work with during the program. Because we are not accredited by the government, we have the freedom to ensure our students experience education unrestricted!

Q When can I apply to Apprentice University?

At Apprentice University, we admit students year-around, so you can apply anytime!

Q How does the application process work?

First, you’ll need to request an application online. Our staff will schedule an interview with you, and based on preliminary assessments and discussions, you will be invited to join the program. Once your application is accepted, you’ll participate in a two-day intensive onboarding workshop that begins a pre-apprenticeship period. If you complete this period, you can become an official apprentice!

Q What if I'm not ready to commit to Apprentice University?

If you’re not ready to attend Apprentice University, check out our JumpStart program. You can take our classes on Friday and participate in any events, but you won’t be apprenticing with our corporate partners. Or invest your time and energy into building real workplace skills as part of the Discovery Cohort!

Q Where can I learn more?

You can always contact us via our website or at admissions@apprentice.university!

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