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Transform your space with BAM Outdoor

Writer  /  Seth Johnson

Photographer  /  Amy Payne

If you’ve explored Central Indiana in recent years, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the work of BAM Outdoor Lawn, Landscape & Tree Care.

A locally owned and operated, full-service environmentally responsible landscaping company in Westfield, Indiana, BAM Outdoor has provided expert service for residential and commercial properties in Westfield, Carmel, Fishers, Indianapolis, Noblesville and the surrounding areas since 1999. Founded by Mike Broshears, the company has grown quite a bit since its humble beginning.

“We started out with myself, an office manager and about three employees,” says Broshears, who has lived in Hamilton County for most of his life. “Now, we’re around 85 to 100 employees.”

With a great deal of experience in landscaping, Broshears is part of a BAM Outdoor staff that has more than 100 years of combined landscaping experience.

“I went to Ball State and obtained two degrees, marketing and psychology, and then went into lawn care in about 1991,” he says. “I worked for a company in Indianapolis, then one in Carmel, then one in Noblesville and then started BAM in 1999.”

BAM Outdoor now works with all kinds of clients in the Central Indiana area, servicing everything from small gardens to large, corporate campuses and commercial properties.

“I would attribute our growth over the years to hard work, relationships and good employees,” Broshears says. “When we were small, I was so much more involved with every single deal. At this point, you’ve got other people that are doing some of the sales and that are taking care of a lot of the accounts just because we’ve grown. What it still boils down to is integrity, honesty and caring about our customers and our employees.”

From tree services and plant health care to lawn care and more, the experts at BAM Outdoor can provide clients with the reliable landscaping help they need. This involves going through a series of strategic steps.

“If a client were to call in about a landscape project, they would call the office, and then it would be sent to one of the landscape design people,” Broshears says. “The landscape design person would contact them back. They’d set up an appointment and go out and meet with them, listen to them, go through their project and assist them in any ideas by doing design. Then, they’d sign the contract, and we’d provide the service and workmanship.”

Over the years, Broshears has made sure to treat his employees right to make sure BAM Outdoor maintains their level of expertise.

“We want retention,” Broshears says. “We want to be able to retain our employees long-term, and also the clients and the customers. That’s where the service and the relationship come in.”

With all of this in mind, he also wants to make sure that BAM Outdoor continues to grow at an organic rate too.

“Contained growth is a big thing,” Broshears says. “We want to be able to provide the service and quality that I expect, and that our customers have grown accustomed to.”

BAM Outdoor is located at 2919 IN-32 in Westfield, or you can visit them online at bamoutdoorinc.com and give them a call at 317-896-1414.

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March 13, 2018 at 3:23 am

This could be the company slogan “We want to be able to provide the service and quality that I expect, and that our customers have grown accustomed to."

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