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Parenting – The Hero’s Two Journeys

Writer / Jim White

ParentingThink back to when your children were young. When you would watch all of those great Disney movies. What makes these movies so great is the storytelling structure of A heros two journeys”. Whether your favorite was Lion King, Finding Nemo or Toy Story, all of these follow this simple storytelling process. In each of these great movies the hero finds themselves on a mission or a journey of some kind. Simba in the Lion King has run away … Marilin, Nemos dad, is trying to find his son … and Woody feels obligated to bring Buzz Lightyear back. These are the outside journeys. But what makes these movies so compelling is the inside journey each of these heros are on. As each of them strive to accomplish the outside goal, they find themselves being transformed on the inside. They are becoming not just different but a better person. Simba discovers that you should learn from your past and not run away from it. Marlin overcomes his fear and limiting beliefs about Nemo. Woody realizes that being Andys favorite toy is not what makes him special, it is doing the right thing.

I invite you to consider the possibility that you are the hero in your family story. The outside mission is to raise your children to be successful”. You want them to be happy. To find joy and purpose in what they do and in their relationships as adults. But how can you teach them or lead them to this type of success, if you arent sure how to accomplish it for yourself. As the hero in this story, you are also on an internal journey of transformation. As a parent, you are in a position to experience tremendous personal growth. Consider this definition of a Successful Person”

A successful person” is one that; speaks with respect, honors difference, provides a nurturing environment, empowers others and is a joy to be around.

They have a knack for really enjoying and appreciating the good times, while at the same time, they have the ability to effectively deal with any difficult issues that come their way

They inspire a sense of peace, joy, warmth and love wherever they go.

The most effective way to teach or influence your children is to lead by example. In Fact you are doing this whether you know it or not. Your children are always watching and listening to you. You are their hero. One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is to be very intentional and transparent about your journey to be a better person.

Provided by the Family Enrichment Academy

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