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Sophie BriscoSophie Brisco, a recent Noblesville High School graduate, was one of the winners at the 27th Annual Hamilton County Youth Service Awards.

“I was not an overall winner, but I was the winner for Noblesville High School, and won $300,” Brisco says.

The awards ceremony took place virtually on Wednesday, May 13, due to the coronavirus outbreak situation.

“The selection committee read all of the winners’ answers to the questions the students were asked,” Brisco says. “The ceremony was prerecorded. All of the students participating in the youth awards program were prerecorded too. A lot of this happened before the schools were closed, due to COVID-19.”

Brisco said the ceremony was posted to Hamilton County’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram web pages.

“I won the award for being involved in many school and community activities,” she says. “Not only have I participated in many Noblesville High School sports, including soccer, track, basketball, tennis and golf, but I am also a volunteer at White River Christian Church’s food pantry, mission trips and student exchange programs. These activities allowed me to keep busy through high school and stay away from drugs and alcohol.”

Brisco says her favorite sport throughout the past 12 years was soccer.

“I really enjoyed the sport,” she says. “I loved it.”

Brisco says the ceremony was sponsored by the Hamilton County commissioners, the Hamilton County Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs, and each of the seven high schools in Hamilton County, as part of their ongoing efforts to recognize outstanding youth service in the local community.

“All of the school winners were picked by their school’s counseling department,” Brisco says.

Brisco thoroughly enjoyed all of the other school activities she participated in.

“I was also a part of the National Honor Society, Key Club and Riley Dance Marathon committee,” she says. “The Riley committee was a lot of fun, and I was part of Riley Relations, where you get kids to participate in the Dance Marathon. It was fun getting involved with such a great program.”

Brisco adds that the Dance Marathon was ultimately cancelled because of coronavirus concerns.

“The marathon was all planned for late March,” Brisco says. “It was too bad because a lot of planning went into it.”

Brisco is excited about her future.

“My college plans include attending Purdue University to study nursing,” she says. “That’s a career I am really interested in. If I play any sports at Purdue, they will be intramural sports.”

Wherever Brisco goes, she will take her love of Noblesville with her. The city has meant a lot to her throughout her younger years and through high school.

“I love the Noblesville community,” she says. “Throughout the last couple years, we have been through a lot together, and I think it is amazing how everyone comes together and supports one another during these difficult times.

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