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Root 31



Bring the inside out! A growing trend is bringing your houseplants outdoors to your patio in combination with your annuals. We are seeing lots of green plants such as bird of paradise, palms, monstera, etc. play off the boho trend in wicker pots, terracotta and ceramic. Be sure to acclimate your houseplants to the outdoors and be mindful about your shade or sun requirements. Also, be prepared for them to thrive in the humid months outdoors!

Dual-purpose pots! Use your patio pot to kill two mosquitoes (and hopefully more!).  Carnivorous plants, mosquito repelling plants and beneficial herbs not only look great, but also putting in extra work so you can relax without swatting at bugs. Try planting marigolds with a citrosa (the leaves smell just like citronella) and pop in a scented geranium all great for repelling unwanted insects. Basil, rosemary, and lavender are all useful herbs that keep flies and mosquitoes at bay and an added bonus to whatever you have on the grill that evening.

Go monochromatic! We are seeing a growing trend of various shades and textures of the same color all in one window box or patio pots. The result is striking! Favorites include yellows, purples and pinks.  I personally went with yellows for my back deck choosing bidens, strawflower, calibrachoa, coleus and a kiwi dracaena spike. We tucked in some Lysimachia for a chartreuse pop! Ultimately, have fun with all the possibilities and enjoy your outdoor space!

McGavic Outdoor Power



There are only so many hours in a day and zero-turn technology can help you make the most of them. Easy to learn and operate, zero-turn mowers help you achieve shorter mowing times, use less fuel and cover more ground over the course of the machine’s lifetime. Take advantage of 180-degree maneuverability and confidently earn your stripes.

Grand View Landscape



Horticulture has fascinated Scott Rickman, GrandView’s founder, since he was a kid. Scott has always loved the beauty of the outdoors and takes great pleasure in creating beautiful landscapes for all to see.

GrandView Landscape & Irrigation, specializing in creating beautiful Outdoor living spaces for all to enjoy that include paver patios, sitting walls, water features, landscaping, outdoor kitchens, etc. GrandView also a division for lawn car and lawn fertilization to help keep your outdoor living space looking beautiful

Current Trends in Outdoor Living

Aspen Outdoor Designs



“Outdoor Living” is the current buzzword in the Landscape Design/Build Industry.  Over the past decade, the need for more elaborate outdoor living spaces has drastically increased. There are several elements which can be used to create your perfect outdoor room. From bistro lights strung over the patio to the ever-popular fire feature, the sky is the limit… unless you are enticed by a roofed structure. Recent trends have also shown the desire for larger pavers used in patios. The days of 6”x8” tumbled pavers or poured concrete has been replaced by slab pavers as large as 24”x36” and manufactured to last 30+ years with minimal maintenance. Outdoor cooking and dining have always been popular but recent improvements in mosquito control have made those bug-infested evenings enjoyable. Whether you are enjoying your time on a patio or composite deck, no space is complete without interesting plantings. Every year, new plant introductions bring better disease resistance, increased bloom periods and repeat blooming to the designer’s pallet.

Whether you are in need of a new outdoor living space or just want to spruce up an existing space, contact a professional for assistance. A good landscape designer will listen to your initial ideas, ask a lot of questions, and offer ideas of their own. However, be prepared to pay a fee for a professional design and be sure to plan your project months before your desired completion date. Happy Outdoor Living!

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