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New Rebellion Doughnuts Shop Will Debut Creative Recipes

Writer  /  Matt Keating

Photographer  /  Amy Payne

There’s a high-end doughnut drought in Noblesville, and Rebellion Doughnuts Co-Owners David Pumphrey and John Manley are ready to flood the city with their delicious new sweet treats to end the dry spell.

“There really is a doughnut hole in the Noblesville market place,” Pumphrey says. “There aren’t many options to find a high quality product that we are offering. I think customers are going to really go for our doughnuts in a big way.”

Rebellion Doughnuts is located at 17677 Cumberland Road, Noblesville, and is open from 7 a.m. -7 p.m. Sunday-Saturday.

Cindy Hawkins, owner of Circle City Sweets, Indianapolis, developed the recipes for the doughnuts, which will include unique iced offerings such as Lemon Zest and Fat Mint Cookie doughnuts.

“We will also have an iced Bourbon Maple Bacon Doughnut, which is outstanding with real bourbon,” Pumphrey says. “That’s my favorite. I love it. We also have a Nutella Doughnut Shot (Espresso) iced doughnut that people have gone crazy over.”

Pumphrey and Manley have spent a long time with Hawkins perfecting the doughnuts for customers, and Pumphrey believes the extra work to make them just right has paid off.

“Cindy Hawkins is the real deal,” Pumphrey says. “Anyone who has eaten anything from Circle City Sweets knows everything she makes is delicious. She has really outdone herself.”

Pumphrey noted that the name Rebellion Doughnuts came from “one of the many late afternoon power sessions the Pumphrey-Manley mastermind duo are famous for.”

After throwing around words with impact, they found their way to the name Rebellion.

“The name embodies what we intend, and it is also actionable, just as we are,” Pumphrey says.

He also stresses this will not be your average doughnut shop.

“We rebuke the average and mundane,” Pumphrey says. “We rebel against the commercial-grade ingredients, and are instead opting for top quality, natural, artisan-style flavors and rich ingredients.”

They are also rebelling against the norm and are doing everything in their power to veer away from the sickeningly sweet, everyday doughnut.

“What we have created is the doughnut shop for foodies – you can taste the made-from-scratch quality, naturally enriched flavors and delicious texture,” Pumphrey says.

Pumphrey is busy these days. He also works with Manley at their law practice of Manley, Pumphrey & Mann, and their thriving restaurant -Copper Still Kitchen & Bar, 917 Conner Street, Noblesville.

Copper Still has been a huge success, with its large choice of salads, sandwiches and cheeseburgers.

“We have really been fortunate to have a great group of many guests who keep coming back to Copper Still,” Pumphrey says. “They love their favorites and want to come back to get the burger or salad that is just right for them.”

Pumphrey says he and Manley meticulously execute their plan for entering a particular market.

He says he and Manley have spent several years researching doughnut shops, franchises, ingredients and production processes. They have also traveled the country to find the style of doughnut they want to introduce to a particular area.

“We have spent the last several months inventing glazes that complement the rich, creamy fillings, and we have a delicious trial and error process to find the perfect balance of enriched brioche dough and deliberately curated glazes, toppings and fillings that transcend expectations,” Pumphrey says.

Pumphrey noted that the Peanut Butter and Jelly Filled Doughnut is outstanding and other filled entrees will include strawberry jelly filled doughnuts, Boston Creams, S’mores, Crème Brûlée and other options.

The cake doughnuts that were being planned (but not confirmed) before Rebellion Doughnuts opened, included Carrot Cake, Blueberry, Buttermilk Sour Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate. The yeast doughnut offerings are vanilla and chocolate yeast.

The Savory doughnuts featured are the Everything (Bagel Topping) Doughnut and the Chicken Doughnut.

“The Everything doughnut is really tasty,” Pumphrey says. “I think people are going be very pleased with all of our choices. We have tried to fill a niche that has needed to be filled, and doughnut lovers are going to be satisfied.”

For more information, call Rebellion Doughnuts at 317-599-4880 or visit them online at rebelliondoughnuts.com.

1 Comment

Dolly Cross
March 8, 2018 at 2:32 pm

Very excited to have a neighborhood doughnut shop. Just unclear as to when the shop is expected to be open.

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