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Writer / Abby Renz
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What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an apron? There are all types of aprons for varying activities: Blacksmith’s aprons made of heavy leather and hide, a simple apron for a waitress wore around the waist, or even a punny ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron for the grinning father manning the grill at the family barbecue. But what about a kitchen apron?

A lot of individuals searching for the perfect kitchen apron go by feel, soft cotton that washes well, study canvas that can handle oil splatters, and (of course) pockets! Some enjoy beautiful designs, while others want the practical and utilitarian, others searching for the perfect mother/daughter gift. All can usually recall memories of a grandmother, mother, and father wearing different aprons, and can find what works for them and their kitchen needs. But, is it truly just a “simple apron”?

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Some may recall the image of a grandmother in her kitchen with flour dusted on her cheeks, a twinkle in her eye, and wiping her hands on her favorite flower-adorned apron. While this is a beautiful image to conjure, aprons are not limited to grandmothers, or stay-at-home wives from the 50s. Unfortunately, kitchen aprons do still hold this “antiquated stigma” as being a symbol for a “simple homemaker.” 

I shared a photo of myself after cooking a delicious Christmas feast, face flushed from cooking and feeling victorious in my sunshine-yellow Heirloom apron by Danica. My brother responded to the photo in the text, “You look like a Betty-Homemaker!” Of course, I know he was teasing me, as brothers do, but it made me question the stigma and feelings towards the simple kitchen apron. I replied I can do so much more than be a “little homemaker,” but I also questioned why this was an insult, when there is nothing wrong with making a house a home. 

New Kitchen StoreWhen I put on my apron, I think of sunshine and warmth of the heart of our home: the Kitchen. I think of the many meals that I have made with my hands, the dishes I’ve lovingly cleaned and how many gatherings I’ve hosted wearing my apron. To me it’s more than a practical way to shield my clothing from splatters and spills. It’s more than extra pockets. It’s a badge, it is a designated uniform. It proclaims to my household that I am at ease in my kitchen, where it is my kitchen and my rules. They know that any and every meal made was prepared with love and maybe a little imagination. I know that this is the same apron that I will wear when I become a mother, and prepare lunches and meals for my future children. This is the apron that my daughters will want to borrow to make their father a birthday cake, or my son’s to wash dishes and wear as a cape. This is an apron that I will wear when I too bake cookies for my grandchildren. 

When picking an apron, whether using it daily or for holidays, remember how many memories it will carry, the joy and warmth of the kitchen. Here at New Kitchen Store, we can help you find what suits your needs, or the needs for a gift. We have various materials to choose from such as linen, cotton, canvas, leather, and more. From mother and daughter aprons, matching aprons for sisters and friends, heavy-duty aprons for gentlemen, and so much more. Our trained staff is eager to help you find just what you are looking for with a smile. Because we know that finding the perfect apron is bonding time between a mother and daughter who wear their matching aprons while baking muffins, or father and son who learns to make eggs or a mean steak. It’s more. It’s tradition and education. It’s practical and still whimsical. It is so, so much more than a simple apron.

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