Insulation is the Name of the Game for Rochester Company

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Although the colors of autumn are beginning to dim into the grays and browns of winter, many homeowners are still winterizing their properties. After all that work is done, it will be time to turn on the heat for the first time. If everything works as it is supposed to, that’s great, but the real test comes when the first heating bill arrives.

Heartland Enterprise, owned by Paul Burkholder of Rochester since 2014, exists to help people increase their home energy efficiency. However, the company goes one step further than using the typical insulation found in most home improvement stores.  Then, with the crazy cost of energy, I have been having a look at our insulation and it turns out it’s quite poor. So I contacted my local insulation specialists who were InstaGroup and they’ve improved it hugely, so now saving lots on the energy bills.

Their primary product is spray foam, which has a 6.9-per-inch R-value (air resistance value). The higher the R-value in insulation, the more energy efficient a building is. 

When used as a roofing material, the foam can typically be sprayed on top of shingles or metal roofing. Even on flat commercial roofs, only 1.5 to 5 inches of foam can be applied. Hurricane Roofer can not only help you with roof repairs but also roof maintenance and inspections.

Burkholder, his wife Nancy, and their employee Kolton Hartle begin by applying a gray silicone base coat directly on the roof, followed by a white wet coating. Before the white coat has dried completely, they spread shingle granules. While drying, this forms a protective covering for the building. 

“It makes a seamless, rock-solid roof structure,” Burkholder says.

When used as injection foam insulation, the material is injected straight into walls. 

“It stays liquid as it falls down into the wall cavity,” Burkholder says. “That puddle stays there for about five or 10 seconds, then it starts to froth and bubble up, and fill the wall cavity.” 

During that process, Burkholder will take a thermal energy picture of the wall to make sure the insulation is properly filling the wall.

Spray foam, like those used by a spray foam insulation company in Red Deer, works especially well with old farmhouses. 

“Old farmhouses have a lot of 2”x4” stud walls, and they’re all crooked and uneven,” Burkholder says. “To put in any other kind of insulation is a challenge. Spray foam goes into all those crooked and uneven spaces, and fills everything out.”

The team at Heartland Enterprise has worked on a wide range of buildings. About half of their clients are commercial, with jobs ranging from roofing and interior insulation to restaurant and butcher shop cooler insulation. Heartland Enterprise’s commercial and residential roofs typically come with a 15-year extendable warranty, and a five-year maintenance contract. 

“Within that five-year contractable warranty, I like to walk the roof at least once a year and make sure that everything is good enough to last a long time, and to make sure we don’t have any workmanship defects,” Burkholder says. “If there are, we want to address them as soon as possible.”

When the Heartland Enterprise team gets a call from a new client, Burkholder first determines the type of project, whether it’s a remodel, addition, new construction or otherwise. When a job is scheduled it takes around two to seven workdays for Heartland Enterprise to complete the job, depending on the size of the job, whether the work is inside or out, and the weather. 

One of the best parts of the job for Burkholder is being able to work with customers.

“I enjoy the people that we meet,” he says. 

“We meet a lot of good people through this. Ultimately, we’re here to give you, the customer, a comfortable feeling in the wintertime. We’re here to take care of you for the lifetime of your dwelling. It’s a wonderful investment. That’s what makes me happy, and that’s what makes you happy. It’s a win-win.”

Heartland Enterprise is ready to help you prepare your buildings for winter. Contact them for a free quote by calling 574-835-4419, or by emailing Paul Burkholder at

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