G & G Guns Owner Reflects on Successful Year

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Greg Dolezal, owner of G & G Guns in Star City, says he has enjoyed a very profitable year for his business.

“We sold $650,000 in firearms and ammunition in 2020,” he says. “It was a banner year for us. We had a lot of great customer support. We have been very blessed.”

Dolezal credits his solid customer base and diverse inventory for his successful year.

“Being in Pulaski County has been great,” Dolezal says. “The people here are great customers, and we also get a lot of people from Valparaiso, South Bend, Rochester, Indianapolis and many other places. I also do a lot of billboard advertising, and that has also really helped us. We also have over 500 guns in stock, as well as a lot of ammunition and accessories. We keep up with the times.”

The top-selling guns and rifles at G & G Guns include SIG Sauer models, Ruger rifles, Smith & Wesson models, Browning pistols and Winchester rifles among others.

Dolezal has his own personal favorite models.

“I like SIGs and SARs,” he says. “You pay more money for them, but you get what you pay for.”

Dolezal says G & G Guns offers gun cleaning, repairs, armorer work and gunsmith work.

“Our gunsmith has been with us for over 30 years, and does a great job,” Dolezal says. “He’s well worth it. We buy and sell guns, and also offer consignment sales. We are also a federal firearms licensee.”

The staff at G & G Guns also handles special orders.

“We do a lot of special orders,” Dolezal says. “We also do a lot of shipping to other states.”

Dolezal says G & G Guns has offered quality customer service since opening in 2014.

“I’m glad the business has grown since we opened,” says Dolezal, who previously owned an Ed’s Auto Parts and Supplies store in Knox as well as an auto radiator repair shop. “I used to own some other businesses, but now I focus on G & G Guns. We moved to our new, bigger location last year.”

One aspect of the G & G Guns physical location that Dolezal enjoys is the amount of space he has.

“We have 2,200 square feet,” he says.

“It’s perfect for a gun shop. It offers us a lot of space, and that has really worked out for us. We can hold a lot of guns, ammunition and accessories. We also have a complete, full line of safes to choose from. They will keep your firearms secure. They can hold a lot of firearms.”

Dolezal says Star City is a great place to run a business.

“We are six miles south of Winamac, Indiana,” he says. “We can fit a lot of cars and semi trucks in our parking lot. We can fit up to 11 semis and 40 cars in our parking lot.”

Dolezal says he also enjoys the residents in Star City.

“I relate to the local people here,” he says. “There are a lot of friendly people.”

G & G Guns is involved with the local community. The Star City Lions Club held a raffle at G & G Guns in October of 2019, and G & G Guns also promoted an annual Community Christmas Dinner event in 2019, hosted by Winamac First United Methodist Church, on social media.

“We have really gotten to know our customers, and we have enjoyed a lot of repeat business,” Dolezal says. “We know what they are looking for and what kinds of guns they like, and we take care of our customers. We offer great customer service, and we can answer whatever questions people have. We encourage people to come out and see all of the great guns we have in stock.”

Check out G & G Guns at 5549 South U.S. Highway 35 in Star City. Give them a call at 574-595-6486, and visit their website at gandggunsllc.com.

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