DADCAMP Strengthens Father-Son Connections

DADCAMP is not just a camping or father-child activity. It’s an experience where dads are inspired to become the best dads they can be. DADCAMP aims to bridge the gap between disengaged fathers and children, and rebuild strong relationships and leaders with a ministry-focused experience that is fun for both the child and dad.

Since 2006, the team at DADCAMP have endeavored to reach as many fathers in the world as possible, and after more than a decade of consecutive growth, the leaders of the nonprofit think they have found an effective strategy to do so. DADCAMP works off of the core desire of wanting to be a good father, and leverages that by creating life-changing father-child experiences. This transformative retreat is designed to empower fathers and provide a place to come together to learn, grow and connect with their kids in a meaningful way.

The experience serves dads with kids in kindergarten through high school all over the world. DADCAMP serves Indiana, Texas, Montana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

However, the DADCAMP team members remember their roots – right in Kokomo with Co-founder Doug Mygrant, a local firefighter of nearly 30 years.

Firefighter and DADCAMP co-founder Doug Mygrant

Mygrant was born and raised in Kokomo. His family owned and operated Mygrant Music House, a music store on Mulberry Street. He was hired by the Kokomo Fire Department in May of 1996, and has been honored to serve the Kokomo area.

“I have created a lot of great relationships and good memories – and tough memories too,” Mygrant says. “God has blessed me with that career and my family.” That family includes his wife, Dea, and children, Mollee and Macee.

He co-founded DADCAMP with Jason Braun through Oakbrook Church because he loves seeing dads spend quality time with kids, to build stronger relationships and become stronger fathers.

“I love seeing so many dads that I know in this community and surrounding communities invest in their kids and families,” he says. “This is something that we all need all over the world and I have witnessed it firsthand.”

For DADCAMP events based in the U.S., weekend events start on Friday evening and run until midday Sunday. Events have three main sessions: Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday morning. During these sessions, which are 90 minutes each, leaders build a curriculum for the dads while the kids go outside and play different camp games.

On Saturday of the weekend event, the dads receive two 90-minute sessions of teaching, one-on-one time with their child, lots of free time to enjoy the camp amenities, and many campfires to grow close with the other attendees. The international events typically involve a one-day event. These don’t involve an overnight experience due to the amenities of the locations, and are mini versions of the U.S. events – but just as impactful.

Since its founding, DADCAMP has grown from a grassroots initiative to attracting fathers and families from across the country. Its impact extends far beyond Kokomo and inspires broader conversations about the importance of fatherhood in today’s society.


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