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FarmersMarket.com Offers Dozens of Products From Local Producers at Moody’s Butcher Shop

Writer  /  Matt Keating
Photographer  /  Keeley Miller

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.15.23 AMTrying to find specialized items and ingredients from local producers in just one place can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you are making a large dinner and need that special sauce or seasoning. Or maybe you just have a hankering for that special locally made sweet treat.

Adam Moody, owner of Moody’s Butcher Shop at 10106 Brooks School Rd., is trying to help you with that challenge.

Moody’s is serving as the host/pickup location for a new virtual Farmer’s Market called FarmersMarket.com.

FarmersMarket.com co-founders Nick Carter and Chris Baggott have started the program to create a Farmer’s Market experience with the ease of ordering online which comes in handy especially during the winter months.

Market days are hosted every Thursday. The first market day at Moody’s was Jan. 7.

“I’m very excited about this new service,” Moody said. “Customers can find our most popular Moody’s items as well as dozens of products from other local producers. FarmersMarket.com humanizes food by developing local markets for farmers and artisan products.”

Here’s how the market works:

• You place an order on FarmersMarket.com.
• The Farmer/Artisan delivers your order to your market host on Market Day.
• You pick it up at your market host: Moody’s Butcher Shop. FarmersMarket.com offers everything from baked goods, special coffee and teas and cosmetics and soaps to dairy products, fruits and vegetables, pet treats, syrups and sweets.

Carter noted that FarmersMarket.com prides itself on being passionate about responsibly raised and sustainable food.

“We believe food that is better for the people is better for the planet,” Carter said at Moody’s. “We have been pursuing those concepts for a long time now.”

Carter and Baggott co-owned a previous business: Husk, a food manufacturing company they started in 2012 which they recently sold to Lifeline Farms in Connersville.

“We both have backgrounds in software, and we used technology to place products in over 300 grocery stores with Husk,” Carter said.

They plan to launch 50 more FarmersMarket.com markets across Indiana.

“People need more aggregated, local fresh food options,” Carter stressed. “We have a diversity of products not available in grocery stores. For example, we have products such as special eggs and quail that could not be found in local grocery chains. We get eggs from three different Indiana farmers.”

Carter noted that they also have a lot of diversity on the vendor list.

“Grocery stores have a large list of food items they have to order, so they have to consolidate when they are ordering,” Carter emphasized. “They can’t always carry specialized items. Technology is the great equalizer. All the inefficiencies are eliminated. The FarmersMarket.com concept opens a lot of opportunities for different companies to offer their products to consumers who really want them and can’t find them elsewhere.”

Moody’s Butcher Shop
10106 Brooks School Rd.
Fishers, IN 46037

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