Junior Reporter Encourages Kids to Volunteer

Hunter Roberts The economy is bad for us all right now, but it can be even worse for those in need. I’ve read that when the economy is in a slump, people have less money to donate to charities, and so those who are less fortunate suffer a lot. What most people forget is that they don’t have to donate money, they can donate their time.

I decided to volunteer my time to a special place called the Julian Center. It is a safe place that many families call home when they have to escape violent actions from a family member. I called the Julian Center and spoke to a lady named Ann Bridgewater.  She told me that they had volunteer opportunities for kids my age (I’m 12).  She then scheduled me to come in on a Saturday and read to the shelter’s children. I couldn’t wait.

When I arrived at the shelter, they sent me into the activities room. About 15 young children came in and sat around me. I brought a big stack of books to donate to the kids and let them choose the books they wanted me to read. I read for about an hour. It was a lot of fun, and the children seemed to enjoy the stories. When I finished, I gave each of the kids their own book and then donated the rest to the center.

Volunteering seems boring to a lot of kids. I can tell you from experience that it is fun, helpful and easy. I highly recommend it.

If you want to volunteer like I did, you can go to the Julian Center’s website (http://www.juliancenter.org) or call them at (317)941-2200. You can also call other places like the Humane Society and ask if they have volunteer opportunities for kids.

Remember, there are people and animals everywhere that need your help.

Editor’s Note: Hunter Roberts is a 6th-grader at Fall Creek Intermediate School who lives with his family in Windermere Pointe. If you are interested in becoming an atGeist Junior Reporter, contact Laura Gates at Laura@atGeist.com.

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