Oh Scott, Oh Scott, what tales you tell.

For over two years Scott Faultless has been saying that the citizens of Geist have been using the services of Fishers for free. He did it again in the Voter Section of the Fishers section of the Indy Star on October 24, 2007. Just to be 100% accurate here is his quote: ”We must complete the annexation of neighborhoods that use the town’s services but are not paying for them.”

Scott, Scott, Scott. In your quest to conquer the people of Geist you have been telling your subjects, in Fishers, this wild tale and many believe you. Well its time to come clean.

Tell us what we have been using for free. We want to pay for it. We don’t want Fishers or anything free from Fishers. But so far many of us are at a loss.

You see we pay for the Schools and while you make believe Fishers owns the schools they do not and the homes on Geist pay the same tax rate as do the Fishers homes.

Then you said we get Fire Protection, well yes we do but we pay for it thru a contract with the Township. So actually we get Fire Protection from the Township and by the way you are overcharging us. We pay a higher rate than the people of Fishers. We could get fire protection form another department at a lower cost but your Town seems to make threats to those other Cities that if they help us you will cut off mutual aid to them. You know I hate to say this but an elected officials should go out of their way to protect everyone and not make threats. Especially when it come to the safety of people.

Oh I do remember some comment about police protection, well Sheriff Carter is doing a great job out here and your department only drives thru to get over to your house. That brings me to roads, did you know the county road department has been doing a wonderful job, oh, you should know, you drive on their roads to get back and forth to your house. I almost forgot that. Yes, your house, that place that you had annexed so you could move out of Fishers into a new home and keep your job on the Town Council. Funny how that happened. Maybe the Citizens of Fishers should ask about your use of power to keep your job. Sorry for bringing that one up.

That brings us to sewer and water, forget water, we all get our water from Indy. OK sewers, no we are going to have to skip that one also because we do pay HSE for the stuff we send down the sewer and I know it goes to your treatment plant, but again we are paying for that service and at higher rate than your subjects. So I am still having a hard time figuring out what’s for free and then I came to the parks.

I guess some of our children do pay sports in your parks within the SPORTS program, and you know some of your children play in that program also, by the way, did you know that a lot of the donations for that program come from my Geists neighbors. Also most of the coaches and staff, so maybe it’s sort of a trade. But I guess if you object to this trade maybe we could get SPORTS to move all their programs to school grounds and that would take care of this problem.

Could the free stuff we are getting be the use of your roads. Are you going to put up toll booths on 116th street, if you do I guess all the businesses in your town, or is that kingdom, would not be too happy as we all in Geist would have to go to stores and restaurants in Noblesville. Don’t forget to put tollbooths up by Carmel, you wouldn’t want any of those people using Fishers whatever’s for free.

So Scott its time you come clean and be very specific on what we are getting for free. If you can’t its time for you to admit you have been lying about this and apologize to all of us who live in Geist. You know if these stores have been false you should resign from your job as Council President and from the Coucil, you see the holding of public office is a public trust and right now I don’t see how you have earned anyone’s trust.

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