Haunted Cave Discovered in Fishers

Once upon a time, in a neighborhood not so
far away, there was a haunted cave. Available to be seen only on Halloween, it
is has been said to be one of great interest and great fright to those who dare
trespass it. Read the grim details and see for yourself…

Jason Pohlman
is your ordinary next-door neighbor. He and his family live in the Sawgrass
Subdivision here in Fishers. They have two dogs, toys in the backyard, and
probably a list of projects to do around the house. He works during the day at
a law firm while his wife, Christy, and their three children, Ryan, Austin and
Justin stay at home. At night, between spending time with his family and
collecting his own thoughts, he moonlights as a DJ for Exclusive Sound. And so the story begins.

Having access
to such equipment as strobe lights, smoke machines, microphones and other
stereo and video accessories, Jason has taken his interest of Halloween to a
new level. Every year for the past five years, he has excitedly engaged in the
task of what is known as trick-or-treating. He gladly provides treats at his
front door to children who come dressed in costume. In addition, he also offers
a luring interest for those who dare to enter the cave!

The cave
(previously known as the garage) is transformed into a dark, smoky environment
full of haunting sounds and frightful temptations. Trick-or-treaters who are
intrigued may crawl through the small, unlit opening to satisfy their somewhat
hesitant curiosity. Once inside they’ll discover the theatrical effects that
have perhaps mistakenly lured them there. Strobe lights flashing, smoke-filled
air and sounds of chainsaws and screeching doors haunt those who have entered. For
some unfortunate visitors, a familiar name or story may echo throughout the
crowded, unfamiliar space. An unknown voice heard throughout the cave leaves
them suspicious of who else may be present. If they can survive the spooky
atmosphere, however, they’ll find an unlimited amount of treats awaiting them.

Once the
survivors have exited the cave, they’re encountered by ghouls who have taken up
the hobby of tending to the family’s vehicles. Slumped over the hood and
positioned behind the wheel, the ghouls work busily to make some necessary
repairs. Not your average service technicians, these ghouls make car repair
look quite frightening.

trick-or-treaters gather their belongings of treat bags, flashlights, and
siblings they’ve left behind, a few extra helpers will escort them away this
year. Keeping an eye on the sky would probably be a good idea. Rumor has it;
some ghosts will be flying by to offer their assistance in spooking this year’s

Intended for
younger kids, most seem to survive the experience relatively unscarred. This is
the reason so many continue to revisit year after year. When knocking door-to
door this Halloween, if you are surrounded by flying ghosts and the sounds of
screams in the distance, perhaps you have happened upon the cave. Trespassers Beware!

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