Jerry White, General Manager of the Hamilton Town Center Crew Carwash,13425 Tegler Drive, Noblesville, says the new Xpress Interior Carwash is quite different from what most customers would envision.

“Instead of pulling into a parking spot while service advisor would clean the vehicle, the customer pulls into a state-of-the-art complex that utilizes two conveyor belts to move the vehicle to each cleaning station,” White says.

An efficient team takes over from there.

“Our friendly team begins a quick and efficient process to clean the specific areas that we focus on,” White says. “We takeout and clean the floor mats. We also wipe the windows, vacuum the inside, wipe the dash, door jams, and use special air-powered cleaning guns that help clean cup holders and get into areas that are tough to reach.”

White noted that the Hamilton Town Center Crew Carwash location has been very successful.

“We opened in November 2018,” White says. “We have had a lot of really positive feedback from the community, and we have been getting a lot of people.”

White adds that it’s the Crew Carwashquality that customers have come to love, with a twist on interior cleaning.

“Rather than waiting 45 minutes to an hour for a clean car, we provide a great clean experience that takes only 10 minutes or less when you get in the building,” White says.“You aren’t going to find that in our industry.”

The process is unique to watch.

“Aside from our great service and friendly people, it is something worth seeing,” White says. “It’s so different than anything most people have seen before. It’s a quality cleaning in its own building, with separate stations. It’s very cool.”

The Hamilton Town Center CrewCarwash has various specials that have been enticing customers.

“We have a one-time interior cleaning that costs $20 and our unlimited plan usually starts at $29.99,” White says. “We are currently offering the unlimited cleaning plan at only $19.99 a month. It really is a fantastic offer that you can go unlimited for the same price as one cleaning.”

White has worked for Crew Carwash for22 years.

“I actually started with the company at the last full-service Mike’s Carwash that closed in1998,” White says. “I have managed multiple crew Carwash exterior locations over the years and have been very excited to be part of this new venture for the company.”

White notes that the Xpress Interior Clean service in Noblesville is special.

“The service is really great for the price, and it’s worth a visit just for the experience,” White says. “This is the only one of its kind in Indiana and the surrounding areas.”

White and Nate Weaver, the operations manager at Hamilton Town Center CrewCarwash, have had a lot of experience with the Xpress Interior Clean service.

“Nate and I actually trained on how to do this in Manheim, Germany so it is truly worldwide, and we bring a good part of that Germany process and speed to Noblesville,” he says.

Hamilton Town Center Crew Carwash is located at 13425 Tegler Drive in Noblesville. You can visit them online at or give them a call at317-776-0936 for more information.

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