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Writer / Johnette Cruz

Dave Bowers is a forced to be reckoned with when it comes to the fitness industry. Bowers is a 37-year-old Marine Corps Veteran turned seasoned bodybuilder who calls Center Grove his home. He’s married with four beautiful daughters and has managed an amazing group of athletes throughout his fitness career. As a well-known expert in his field, he’s helped countless athletes reach their fitness goals through nutrition, posing, training and supplementation, all while spearheading the biggest fitness competitions in the state of Indiana. Don’t know anything about bodybuilding? Here’s a short explanation for you:

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States that is comprised of different divisions. Amateur bodybuilders can compete in competitions from local to national competitions sanctioned by the NPC. You must place top two in your class to go from a local show to a national stage level. Once you win your class at a national show, you become an IFBB Pro, which is the professional league in the bodybuilding world. Read on to learn more about Dave Bowers and what drives him.

How did you get into the Fitness Industry? 

“I picked up lifting in the Corps and never had any ambition to be a competitive bodybuilder, but others in the gym thought I would be good. A good friend and I went to watch the 2004 Mr. Ohio and, at that time, I told myself I would give it a try. Shortly after, I entered into the Mr. Cincinnati event and won every class including the overall award. I even won the “Overall New Competitor Award” which I have in my shows today. The next week I entered into the NPC Northern Kentucky event and didn’t do so well. I placed 12 out of 36 in my class. This loss really triggered my competitive edge. My goal at this time was to come back and win the Northern Kentucky event and in 2013 I won my Super Heavy weight class but lost the overall to a great IFBB Pro — Thomas Anderson. Thomas competed in my first IFBB Indy Pro show last year. My greatest achievement was winning the 2016 Mr. Indiana title which I’ve competed in three times previously winning my class but not the overall, 4th time was the charm!”

Tell us about the shows you produce.

“I promote three events, IFBB Indy Pro, NPC Midwest Battle of the Champions and the (ç), NPC Indiana State Championships. The NPC events are National Qualifiers and the IFBB Pro event is an Olympia Qualifier (the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding). The coolest part about the IFBB Indy Pro is that there are only five events in the U.S. that send 212 & Open Bodybuilding Pro’s to the Mr. Olympia competition and this is one of them. I became an NPC Indiana State Judge in 2014 which developed and gave me the opportunity to promote my first event in 2016. After being successful in many events, Senior leadership in the NPC/IFBB granted me a sanction for the Olympia Qualifier which I have 212 Bodybuilding, Open Bodybuilding and Bikini.”

What is your greatest joy from being in this industry?

“My greatest joy is being able to have the best events in the state and if not in the country for these athletes. All three are held at the beautiful Old National Centre (Murat Theatre) in downtown Indianapolis. I offer many specialty awards on top of the Neil’s Andersen sculpture trophies. I provide the athletes the dream show I’ve always wanted to compete in by providing the best experience possible. My enthusiasm in this sport has developed many champions and impacted their lives forever.”

What has been challenging?

“Being a promoter, coach, judge, Director of Sales, dad, husband and National Level Bodybuilder is definitely a challenge to balance everything.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“My inspiration comes from not only winning many titles but from losing as well. If it wasn’t for fitness I wouldn’t be who I am today. It has been a pivotal part of my success in corporate America. It keeps me structured and disciplined as it did when I began in the Marine Corps 19 years ago.”

What Drives you? 

“My wife and four daughters are the glue to my success. From them working the shows, meal prepping, being my gym partners, packing my suitcases for my weekly travels, they are the real success story. I just want to make them proud.”


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