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Center Grove High School

Center Grove High School Valedictorian & Salutatorian 2022


Center Grove High SchoolCenter Grove High School (CGHS) graduated 638 students on Sunday, June 5, 2022, at the high school’s Ray Skillman Football Stadium. 

The Valedictorian of the CGHS Class of 2022 is Gavin Anderson. Gavin ended his high school career with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.864. He will attend Indiana University to study political science and music and plans to pursue a career in law. 

The Salutatorian for the Class of 2022 is Raef Sauer who finished with a GPA of 4.851. Raef plans to attend Indiana University to study Biochemistry and Spanish. 

CGHS has several graduates who plan to serve in the military following graduation. Drake Buchanan has accepted an appointment to US Air Force Academy. Chase Ennis will attend Army ROTC. Eighteen students have enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy. 

“The Class of 2022 has certainly endured challenges during their high school career as our community navigated the challenges associated with the COVID 19 pandemic,” said Dr. Jeff Henderson, Principal. 

“Despite these challenges, we always try to look for the bright spots and the growth that happens as a result. This class of students has gained skills in flexibility and perseverance that will benefit them, both personally and professionally as they navigate their futures. I wish them success, good health, and happiness following their graduation from Center Grove High School. We encourage them to stay in touch with us and let us know how they are doing as their exciting futures unfold.” 

Among the graduates, 279 seniors will receive Core 40 with Academic Honors diplomas, 13 will receive the Core 40 with Technical Honors diploma, and 47 seniors will receive both. 

Center Grove High SchoolTo qualify for Academic Honors, students must meet additional requirements beyond the state mandates for a Core 40 diploma, earn a total of at least 47 credits that are recommended to include additional math. world language, and fine arts credits, earn a GPA of a B or better, and meet certain AP, dual credit, or SAT/ACT requirements. Technical Honors recipients must also meet state mandates for a Core 40 diploma, earn a total of at least 47 credits that are recommended to include additional math credits, earn a GPA of a B or better, and complete either dual credits in a technical area or additional career-readiness criteria. 

Forty-three seniors will receive an Associate’s Degree in General Studies from Vincennes University, along with their high school diploma, through the CGHS Early College program. Thirty-one of those seniors have earned college honors. Seventy-six students will receive a 30-hour Indiana College Core certificate, which means they have met all requirements for general education courses at all state universities in Indiana.

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