Carmel 2017 Mom of the Year Finalists

You’ve sent in your nominations, and now it’s time to decide the Mom of the Year! The following are finalists for 2017 Carmel Mom of the Year. Visit to cast your vote for the winner. The deadline to vote is April 15, and you can vote once daily until then.

Kerri Dooley

Nominated by Tom Dooley, who says:

Kerri is the mom to 4 girls (11, 7, 5 and2) and one boy (7). She is the kind of mom that values the experience. While it seems our kids are growing up faster and faster, Kerri truly appreciates each and every day. She likes to say, “one can always tell the age of a kid by how he looks after eating an ice cream cone.” She is a great stay-at-home mom who makes sure each child has a balance of being responsible and being cared for. Raising five kids is not easy, yet Kerri makes it look so. I feel that the lesson our kids learn from their mother prepare them to be successful at life. They learn how to be kind to others, to be curious, to be able to laugh at yourself and how to contribute (in a family as large are ours, you have to find your place). She does all of this with a strong foundation in faith. Not only is she a great mother, but she is also a great wife, and I believe part of being a great mom is providing the example of a great marriage too. We are all truly blessed to have her.

Suzie Smith

Nominated by Stacy Smith, who says:

My Mom is a giver and always has been for as long I can remember. She is beyond humble and wants no attention given to her. And that is why I am writing. I want the world to know how wonderful my sister and our families feel about this strong, practical, unconditionally loving and amazing woman! She is our rock and our foundation through good times and bad.She has set examples that we have followed from PTO president, to girl scout leader, to admired co-worker and loyal friend. Family has always come first for my mom, she sacrifices all to make us happy and feel loved. She has started great family traditions that we continue to follow today. She loves my father, who was her high school sweetheart, more deeply with each passing year. She was raised in Carmel and still resides here. She now is retired but gives back to her community and church in many ways. To have Suzie Smith in your life is a true blessing!

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